WWE News Roundup: Punk, Cabana, Heyman & Orton


February 20, 2015 by Joey Keogh

Punk Cabana

  • Punk And Cabana Sued Over Podcast
    According to Wrestling News, Dr. Chris Amann is suing Colt Cabana and CM Punk over comments made on their infamous Art Of Wrestling podcast. Amann feels his reputation has been irreparably damaged following claims Punk was cleared to wrestle in spite of a dangerous staph infection. The doctor claims he was never even asked to treat a lump on Punk’s back and, further to this, any suggestion of negligence on his part is grossly inflammatory, not to mention inaccurate. Amann is seeking $1 million worth of damages, along with an undisclosed punitive sum.

  • Heyman Pissed Over DVD Sales
    Following recent reports that Paul Heyman‘s superb DVD Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman didn’t make the top five bestsellers list, for the fourth quarter of last year, the man himself took to Twitter to set the record straight. Heyman let everyone know, in no uncertain terms, that the DVD was underestimated and undershipped, even responding to several news sites’ accounts after they covered the story and claimed otherwise. Fans chipped in to let Heyman know they couldn’t find a copy in their local stores, confirming his claims.

  • Orton’s Return Imminent, Pants Search Continues
    Poor Randy Orton just can’t catch a break. After being advertised for house shows, then removed from all advertising, then reportedly telling fans at an autograph signing that he’d definitely be back soon, the man is finally scheduled to make his long-delayed return to the WWE on the Raw following Fast Lane, or the subsequent week’s show. Orton has been searching for his missing pants for quite some time now, but there’s no word yet on whether he’s located them, or if he’ll appear with a top and no bottoms when he does eventually show up again.

4 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Punk, Cabana, Heyman & Orton

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