Mark’s FastLane 2015 Predictions

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February 22, 2015 by gorillapressonline

FL Reigns

We’re on the FastLane to Wrestlemania (sorry, I had to, please keep reading!) and, although the hype for this year’s season has been slightly bumbled, I reckon this PPV could pleasantly surprise us all by being good – although expect it to be fairly predictable, of course.

The pre-show is Miz TV featuring Paul Heyman. This could be gold and I fully expect Mizdow to get some revenge on Miz during it, perhaps by setting up a match on the grandest stage of them all. Strange not to get a match on the pre-show but this could work well on the Network show.

Rusev Vs John Cena US Title Match
The build-up to this match, which started with Rusev interrupting a backstage interview with Cena, has been handled fairly well thus far. It makes perfect sense to put the Russian over in this match, and this could legitimately build him up as the next monster heel as he rampages over Cena. Whether that will happen is another matter entirely, but my prediction is that Rusev will crush Cena as the collective (read: under 10 years old) WWE Universe gasps in shock.

Russev to win

Goldust Vs Stardust
This should be a Wrestlemania match, but it also could be an excellent opener to the show. I expect this brother vs brother feud to have a bit of longevity, culminating with Stardust reverting back to the Cody Rhodes persona. Goldust, as a freak, should be quick work for his younger brother, and it’d make perfect sense to push this feud and the addition of their father Dusty has made this even better.

Goldust to get first blood leaving Stardust enraged and the hope for the Mania bout alive

Bad News Barrett Vs Dean Ambrose Intercontinental Championship Match
Another match which could easily work on the Wrestlemania card, the newly returned BNB has found a worthy adversary in Ambrose, and this could be a highlight of the night. After goading Barrett to sign the contract for a title match, Ambrose has set up camp in his head and I can easily see him snatching the belt from the Brit.

Dean Ambrose to win and become the new IC champion

FL Everyone Else

Nikki Bella Vs Paige Divas Championship Match
The Bellas have been a thorn in the side of Paige on Raw, stealing her ring attire, mocking her and even costing her matches. Tonight will see Paige take back the title, which she deserves as well as us, and in a dream scenario see her defend it at Wrestlemania against Charlotte Flair, with whom she’s recently been sparring on Twitter.

Paige to take back the title and get some revenge on Nikki Bella

Dolph Ziggler/ Erick Rowan/Ryback Vs Seth Rollins/Kane/Big Show
This 6-man tag sees The Authority take on the men they fired and Cena re-instated. Personally I would’ve rather just seen Ziggler Vs Rollins as all the focus will be on these two anyway. Yes, it’s nice to see Ryback and Rowan get a PPV pay day but a tag match between them and Show and Kane would’ve worked better, too. That being said, fully expect Show to turn yet again and attack Kane, setting up a bout between the two at Wrestlemania, along with hopefully Ziggler/Rollins to.

Dolph Ryback and Rowan to win via DQ

The Usos Vs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro Tag Team Titles match
The team of Kidd and Cesaro impresses, they work really well together and are excellent heels. However, the Total Divas angle creeps its ugly head in this bout again as the feuding couples clashes once more. Hopefully Kidd and Cesaro can win the titles from The Usos and WWE takes the first steps to reinvigorate the flailing tag division. This could also pile loads of heat on the duo and shake things up a bit. Either way, this should be an entertaining bout with Natayla and Naomi getting involved at some point as well.

I predict New Champions Cesaro and Kidd.

Roman Reigns Vs Daniel Bryan Winner Faces Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania
After the Royal Rumble farce with Roman winning and his cousin trying to force him down everyone’s throat, and the subsequent addition of Bryan into the mix, this could make or break Roman as the new WWE poster-boy. Fully expect Roman to go over Bryan, possibly with Bryan turning heel in process (he would still be mega over with the fans akin to Stone Cold). WWE want Reigns vs Lesnar and they see Roman as the next big thing. Stop the scripted promos and allow him room to breathe and I can see him becoming a little more likeable, the only worry is the WWE Universe go mad when he defeats Bryan tonight and become even more vocal on social media.

Roman Reigns to defeat Daniel Bryan (as much as I don’t want it to happen)

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