WWE News Roundup: Rey Mysterio, Stephanie Mc Mahon & Triple H


March 4, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Mysterio Released, Joins AAA
    Following the announcement of his release from the WWE late last week, it’s been revealed that Rey Mysterio has joined the ranks of AAA, the promotion where he first gained prominence. Mysterio is set to appear at their show on March 15th, in Mexico. Apparently, Mysterio’s split from WWE was an amicable one, although naturally fans speculate he was buried due to wanting to leave.


  • Steph Does AMA On Twitter
    Following her sort-of spat with AJ Lee (who finally returned this week!) regarding current issues in the Divas division, Stephanie Mc Mahon took to Twitter to do a little Q&A with fans. Hogan and Cena apparently did too, but who cares what those two have to say, right? We hear enough from them on TV. Steph was quite candid, in fairness to her, answering questions about NXT and the future of the Divas mostly, but arguably the coolest moment came when her hubbie Tweeted to ask when she’d be home and she replied to assure him it’d be soon. Aw.


  • Steph & Trips Elected TO Board Of Directors
    Speaking of everyone’s favourite power couple (sorry, Bey and Jay), WWE announced last week that Steph and Trips have been elected to its prestigious board of directors, cementing their status as the most powerful people in the company apart from the man himself, who has no equal.

2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Rey Mysterio, Stephanie Mc Mahon & Triple H

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  2. […] the two of them properly. Ronda Rousey is actually pretty good in the ring, and on the mic, so Steph’s recent comments on Twitter about signing her to the Divas division if she could pick anyone in the world suddenly make even […]

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