Wrasslin’ Wahey Of The Week 21

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March 6, 2015 by Joey Keogh

AJ's back

Finally, after months of speculation – is she pregnant? Is evil Punk keeping her away? Has she been let go after her public spat with Steph on Twitter? – Queen AJ returned to Monday Night Raw to shake up the otherwise near-dead Divas division and wake us all up from our collective slumber.

There has been lots of talk about the Divas lately, mostly negative, with the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance gaining prominence following a particularly stingy match on Raw a couple of weeks ago. Add to this the stunning NXT women’s matches, Brie Bella speaking out at a press conference about getting a raw deal (no pun intended) and the main show story-lines increasingly relying on Total Divas angles, and it seemed a war was brewing.

Paige AJ stare out

AJ’s return could not have been timed more perfectly. Regardless of whether Brie was right to speak out or not, let’s face it, nobody is rooting for the Bellas (aside from little girls who don’t know any better) and it’s about time they were put back in their box. If there’s one Diva we can get behind – aside from poor Paige, who’s getting a bad rep for joining the reality show – it’s AJ. Much like her husband, she’s there to disrupt the peace, to fuck shit up, to show them all how it’s done.

Hopefully AJ’s return spells the end of this dreadful Divas run and means that the Bellas’ reign of terror is over once and for all. Also, if everything goes according to plan, her inclusion will give Paige something to do again. However, if they stick her in some sort of 6-man tag at Wrestlemania with all of the Total Divas “stars”, then it’s going to take more than a hashtag to rectify the damage.

AJ smile



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