WWE News Roundup: Paige, Triple H On NXT & Even More CM Punk


March 26, 2015 by Joey Keogh


  • Paige Wants Extreme Rules Match With Steph
    Fan favourite Paige recently revealed in an interview with talkSPORT that her dream match would be an extreme rules bout opposite the baddest bitch in the WWE, Stephanie Mc Mahon. Failing that, she’d gladly take on her longtime buddy Emma, but only if it were in MSG, a venue she’s fallen in love with after a recent visit. When it comes to Wrestlemania, the British upstart reiterated it’s the biggest event of the year and that, even if you’re not necessarily a wresting fan, it’s still a huge deal. Hopefully she and AJ will emerge victorious against the Bellas, or no amount of hashtags will save the Divas division.

  • Triple H: NXT Is Now A Brand In Its Own Right
    It’s no secret that NXT is the hottest show right now, easily eclipsing both Raw and Smackdown on a consistent, weekly basis with a killer Special Event outdoing the latest big-budget PPV also. Trips has been asked on several occasions whether he still considers it the developmental stage, or if it could become a brand in its own right, and it seems he’s finally given us an answer. Speaking at the Arnold Sports Festival, Triple H stated that, given how well the fans seem to have taken to the current batch of NXT Superstars, it’s no longer a developmental brand but a brand that’s made a significant impact in its own right. Hopefully this means our fears of favourites such as Adrian Neville and Finn Balor being moved up to the current roster and ruined as a result will be assuaged somewhat.

  • Punk Has No Regrets, Wishes He’d Punched Certain People
    There’s seemingly no end to the CM Punk leaves WWE story as the ex-Superstar was asked yet again about his illustrious, yet short-lived, career by Fox Sports Winsconsin. Although Punk claimed to have no regrets about his wrestling career, he admitted there were a couple of people he should’ve punched in the face during his time with the company. On the flip side, he noted that his time spent with Paul Heyman was his most cherished, as the two worked together because they simply didn’t like anyone else. Punk still counts Heyman and his current charge Brock Lesnar as friends of his. He also restated that he is never, ever returning to the world of wrestling. No doubt he’ll be asked that same question again the next time he sits down for an interview, and will have to reiterate once more.

2 thoughts on “WWE News Roundup: Paige, Triple H On NXT & Even More CM Punk

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