Mark’s Wrestlemania XXX1 Predictions

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March 29, 2015 by Joey Keogh

WM31 posterWrestlemania is nearly upon us and, unfortunately, the biggest show of the year looks a little lacklustre compared with previous years’ cards. That being said there is enough to make the late night worth it; Bray Wyatt has carried a feud single-handedly and now, at its culmination, all eyes will be on the Deadman, Cena has gone all Hulk Hogan on us and turned against the Russian Federation and Rollins wants all eyes on him for reasons other than nudity so on with my predictions:

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (c) (with Natalya) vs. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (with Xavier Woods) vs. Los Matadores (with El Torito) vs. The Usos (with Naomi)
Kidd and Cesaro are the highlight of this Fatal 4 match and the tag champs are set to retain here against The Usos, Los Matadores and The New Day. I would’ve personally liked to have seen The Ascension instead of the matadors but WWE has no faith in them whatsoever, which is really sad. That being said, Kofi Kingston has worked well previously with Kidd and Cesaro so expect his involvement to be a little more substantial. I fully expect the Uso brothers to be the main focus in this match with Tyson and Cesaro besting them yet again and keeping this entertaining run alive.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Andre the Giant and his legacy have been relegated to the Mania pre-show, which although it’ll hype the crowd up, could’ve easily slotted into the mid-card. With the addition of NXT superstar Hideo Itami, who entered the competition after he won his spot at Axxess, all eyes will be on him to see whether he can effectively prove the dominance of NXT over the main roster, which will certainly ruffle some feathers backstage. Expect a few shock entries into the tournament and a huge target on the NXT star. My gut feeling is he will ultimately prevail and add the trophy to his accolades.

Hideo Itami to win the Battle Royal

Sting vs. Triple H
If this match was 10 years ago, I would be marking out like a schoolgirl who just met John Cena, but sadly it isn’t and it could quite easily just be a footnote in a poor Mania card. WCW fans will be over for Sting and the fact that this is his first Wrestlemania is impressive, and he has an excellent choice of opponent in Triple H – the epitome of WWE and everything it stands for. This will be an all out brawl, see sledgehammers clash with the feared baseball bat of the Stinger. Both Sting and Trips can definitely wrestle and this could shock everyone by being an actual technical match but again age rears its ugly head and could possible limit the in ring action. There doesn’t seem much other than pride on the line but WWE will assert its dominance once again with the boss taking out the vigilante on the grandest stage of them all.

Triple H to win

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Bad News Barrett (c) vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan
The build-up to this match has affectively already stripped poor Bad News Barrett of the IC title and with that much going on it would be hard to discern who has the most to gain. The Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan feud seems the most likely route with Bryan being the victor leaving Ziggles once again to chase. This could also expand a feud between the excellent Dean Ambrose and either Stardust/Truth or Barrett, all of which could potentially offer some interesting matches. Ziggler and Ambrose will both have their reckless and impressive lack of concern for their bodily safety on display, jumping and smashing ladders into each other for our amusement, among other things. It’s hard to look past Daniel Bryan (who should still be in the Main Event scene, in fairness) and having him hold the IC belt and giving it some prestige will allow the mid-card time to breathe, along with offering it some of the spotlight.

Daniel Bryan to become the new IC champion

WM31 Stinger TripsThe Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt
is magic. His on-screen magnetism has allowed this feud to evolve solely with his wonderful mic skills and interpretive promos, in which he captivates the entire audience having them grasp onto his every word as gospel. That being said all this hard work could be destroyed by a WWE Legend who hasn’t appeared in a WWE ring since his decimation at the hands of the monster Brock Lesnar. This is Taker, though, not just a mere mortal and the Deadman will once again deliver and send the cult of Wyatt into the stratosphere as the swamp dweller bests the Deadman to rightfully claim the new Face of Fear moniker.Expect Taker to still have it and this could steal the show.

Bray Wyatt to make it 21-2

Divas Tag Team Match: AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins
AJ and Paige are two of the best wrestlers on the women’s roster but, to have them team up instead of facing off against each other is a real shame. These two could really deliver on this stage and put the Divas back on the map, much like the women of NXT did at the stunning Takeover Rival. The Bellas are suited in this heel role and the advantage of being an actual tag team will come into play as Paige and AJ beat themselves by not being able to co-exist as a team. The most likely scenario is they will come to some sort of altercation and the manipulative Bellas will take full advantage.

Bella Twins to win

United States Championship Match: Rusev (c) vs. John Cena
John Cena has gone full Team America lately, and this is more than a US title match, its a collision of two superpowers in the squared circle…..ahem. Nothing new here as WWE have been down the patriotic route numerous times, except this time I expect America not to prevail and the whole of the WWE Universe to witness Rusev crush the All-American hero. Rusev deserves a massive push and this is a perfect opportunity for Cena to put over a new talent and keep this US title chase alive. How loud will the “We want Lana” chants get is the real question.

Russev to win

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins still holds the MITB briefcase so this match could be fairly short. In fact, the shorter it is, the more likely he will cash in after the Main Event match. Randy Orton has been sublime since his return and this has a great chance to be a highlight of the night. Rollins is money and Orton is the perfect guy to put him over before he moves onto the WWE championship scene and stays firmly in the Viper’s cross-hairs.

Seth Rollins to defeat Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns
Does Roman Reigns deserve this spot? That’s the question in the minds of the WWE Universe. The Shield were perfect to mould Reigns, and coming from the rich Samoan heritage has done wonders for Reigns yet he still need to hone the talent he has before being thrust into the spotlight solo. He has all the necessary elements to be a star, he just needs to garner the experience. Sadly this isn’t the time for Roman Reigns as he faces his biggest challenge in Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman. Heyman has kept things interesting in the build up in a Mania, especially considering at least three of the participants haven’t been around all year. We have relied on the opponents to carry the show home and Heyman has done his part wonderfully. This won’t be pretty, a slobberknocker of epic proportions, with the champ falling victim to Roman Reigns after both men deliver ample amounts of punishment to one another while Seth Rollins waits in the wings to capitalise on the fatigue of the victor, eventually reaping the spoils for himself.

Roman Reigns to beat the Beast with his reign (sorry) subsequently cut short by Rollins


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