WWE News Roundup: AJ Lee, Mick Foley & CM Punk

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April 13, 2015 by Joey Keogh

AJ Lee

  • AJ Lee’s Shock Retirement
    After everyone’s favourite Diva gave notice following two great Raw matches and a blah Wrestlemania tag event, which sought to make everyone involved look a bit rubbish, speculation has naturally been rife that AJ Lee quit because of the current legal situation with her husband and the WWE. After all, women can’t make their own decisions; men have to make them for them. Rumours have also been circulating that Lee may have had issues with the other main roster Divas, following a speech she gave upon winning her Slammy award where she referenced several NXT stars (she also wore a Bayley shirt for her final match with the company). Whatever the reasons, we’re probably never going to know for sure why she chose now to leave, but suffice to say the division is going to suck without her. All that’s left are the Total Divas, after all.

  • Foley’s Ideas For The Women’s Division
    Speaking of the women’s division, Mick Foley took to Facebook last week to blog about how important Madusa‘s speech at the HOF was, and how he sees it as a turning point for the so-called Divas division. Foley believes that the term “Diva” itself should be retired, as it’s totally outdated in this day and age and that, instead, the women’s division should referred to as such as well as being given the space to grow and mature organically. Pointing to the super talented female roster on NXT, Foley’s blog is a call to arms to make 2015 the year of the woman. And, considering we just lost arguably the best female wrestler on the main roster, it’s probably about time, too.

  • Punk Harps on “Fake” Pro-Wrestling
    In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, CM Punk mouthed off, once again, about his time with the WWE and how annoying it was to work his ass off all the while knowing that somebody else would later pick the winner, explaining; “It doesn’t matter if you’re the best; someone else picks who they want in the top spot”. Although his critics (and there are many) have been quick to condemn Punk for his supposedly bitter words, he makes a good point. It must be incredibly frustrating to work so hard for something, always knowing that it’s essentially meaningless in the end. Having said that, he might get his ass kicked in UFC and be dying for the days of “fake” competition as a result.

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