WWE News Roundup: Vickie Guerrero, Ronda Rousey & Finn Balor

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April 16, 2015 by Joey Keogh

Vickie Guerreri


  • Vickie Guerrero Spills On Jericho’s Podcast
    If you’re not a regular listener to Talk Is Jericho, well, you should be. Just fast-forward through his constant shilling and enjoy the swift, forty-minute chat about all things wrasslin’. Vickie Guerrero showed up on it to discuss Eddie, Chris Benoit, her friendship with Tamina and how much of an honour it was to go out the way she did. It’s a great episode of TIJ, with the host not getting as over-excited as he sometimes does and allowing Guerrero to showcase her extensive knowledge of the business along with some great backstage stories, too.


  • Ronda Rousey Wants More Time With WWE
    Following her rousing appearance at Wrestlemania, during a lengthy segment with Rocky that was so self-indulgent it seemed never-ending, Ronda Rousey has revealed on Piper’s podcast, Piper’s Pit (also a must-listen), that time permitting she will eventually return to the WWE. Considering rumours are rife that Wrestlemania 32 will feature a match with Rousey opposite Steph, it’s not unlikely that they’ve already begun the promotion for it. Rousey was quick to state she has a pretty packed schedule at the moment, but that could all be feeding into the end goal.


  • Balor Kills It On Home Turf
    Finn Balor
    is currently on the main roster European tour and absolutely killing it, to the surprise of no one. He especially made waves when they stopped off in Ireland, going over on Neville, who recently moved up, before the two were beaten down by the recently-returned Sheamo, who told Balor in no uncertain terms that there’s only room for one Irishman in the WWE. Considering Balor teased on Twitter that he’s looking to make the move sooner rather than later, the house show might have been testing the waters for a Sheamo/Balor feud a bit further down the line.

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