NXT Recap: Episode 274

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April 23, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTAlex Riley once again gets his chance to silence he NXT Champion Kevin Owens, who has been stoking the fire to rile A-Ry the past few weeks on NXT. Will Riley be able to defeat this monster of a champion or will Owens once again get into the head of the former WWE star.

Finn Balor Vs Tye Dillinger
Finn Balor Tye DillingerThe enigmatic Irishman once again kicks off NXT with a bang as he faces Tye Dillinger in singles competition, Dillinger is new to the singles scene as is out to set a name for himself by knocking down one of the top dogs in NXT.

Beautiful chain wrestling opens the match with both men working well together a series of fluid transitions with Dillinger working over Balor in impressive fashion, it doesn’t take Balor long to pick up steam and downs the Canadian with a Pele Kick and a Sling Blade.

Finn Balor sweeps things up with a double drop-kick into the turn-buckle connecting with his signature Coup De Grace to take a quick victory to open the show.

Finn Balor is rewarded with an easy W to open this weeks NXT.

Celebrations are cut short by Tyler Breeze whom isn’t impressed with Balor and thinks its time he faces the true future of NXT Prince Pretty.

Dana Brooke is backstage proclaiming her début last week was not just a first match but the birth of her career and the rebirth of the NXT women’s division, a bold claim to say the least.

Kevin Owens makes it three cutting his typical nonchalant promo which he disregards questions and once again proves his dominance over the NXT Championship and the roster. The way Owens is handling these promos is great he piles on the heat in the simplest of ways, a pleasure to witness.

Divas Triple Threat for the #1 Contenders Spot: Bayley Vs Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch BayleyIt’s testament to the divas division that is hard to pick a top three out of this current roster which is consistently evolving, the main roster could learn a thing or two from these women.

The former NXT Divas champion wants to reclaim her throne but the competition she faces today is fierce, the three women in this match always deliver.

Bayley and Charlotte work together to wear down the impressive Becky Lynch but as soon as she manages to evade the ring the partnership dissolves as they both attack each other proving whats at stake here for these competitors.

Lynch smartly targets the injured knee of Bayley which she injured herself a few weeks ago on NXT, Becky keeps control of the match with Charlotte Flair downed outside the ring.

When Charlotte gets back into the action she has Lynch held high in the air Bayley lands an impressive top rope/Powerbomb combination, with Beck Lynch laying dazed in the corner the former champ applies a bridged figure four leg lock which she called her Figure 8 onto Bayley.

As the happy go lucky divas struggles with submission the cunning Lynch rolls over onto Bayley stealing a pin as Charlotte applies more pressure. Interesting finish to the match which leaves a lot open for this to progress

Becky Lynch uses her ring smarts to steal a victory in a wonderful bout.

Hideo Itami Vs CJ Parker
Hideo Itami CJ ParkerThe Eco warrior is hoping to topple Hideo Itami in his return match to NXT after competing in the Andre the Giant Battle Royale at Wrestlemania and what better day than Earth Day? Regardless to say CJ is feeling confident – It is a shame CJ Parker has recently left the WWE as his heelish ECO warrior better than thou persona could’ve been a lot more interesting- and his offence is a lot more aggressive than usual.

Hideo delivers some vicious strikes to Parker with the NXT universe firmly behind him from the outset, CJ turns the tables quickly this mean streak he has adopted is effective landing stiff punches and forearms before hitting a perfectly delivered Suplex.

Itami’s renowned fighting spirit allows the wrestler to fight back landing numerous strikes and spinning elbows, before landing his corner Drop-kick and a Shotgun Kick to take the victory.

Despite being impressive in the early stages once again the Eco warrior was toppled by Hideo Itami.

The Boss Sasha Banks confronts Becky Lynch mocking her thick Irish accent and proclaiming she doesn’t have a chance in taking the Divas title from her former running buddy.

Ryhno Vs Local Wrestler
RhynoAs the former ECW legend enters Full Sail the crowd chant Gore in Unison, as the man beast enters the ring the chant is directed at his opponent with a loud “Ryhno’s gonna kill you” and that he does, it takes little time for him to land a brutal gore and sweep up yet another quick victory in the ranks of NXT, I hope was watching that match as a feud between the two wrecking balls would have more impact against the short lived Bull Dempsey angle.

The NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy are backstage trying to serenade Carmella, Enzo and Big Cass close in on the champs. In an hilarious moment Enzo Amore berates Big Cass for comparing the champs to Sinatra.

Enzo is upset that Carmella is wearing the “fugazi” jewellery that Blake and Murphy adorned her with a few weeks ago, this is testament to how NXT build feuds with limited time and these little vignettes have been fun to watch.

Alex Riley Vs Kevin OwensAlex Riley Kevin Owens
Alex Riley is determined to best Owens and get his revenge, duelling chants raise around Full Sail as the two lock up, Riley forcing the champ into the corner slapping Owens much to his dismay.

Kevin Owens evades out the ring after an impressive vertical drop kick from Riley, the champ once again dictates the pace in this match getting into the head of Riley.

As A-Ry chases Owens out the ring he eats a slam onto the steel ramp just what Owens wanted allowing him to take control and change the tide of the match. Owens hits a senton onto Riley getting a close two count.

Riley manages once again to get the upper hand but as he goes to the top rope Owens once again suckers him in hitting a cannonball and slamming a dazed Riley with a Pop Up Powerbomb and once again the champion defeats Riley.

Kevin Owens is’t content with the victory he wants to destroy Alex Riley as he attempts another pop up powerbomb on the steel ramp, former NXT champion Sami Zayn rushes to the rescue of Riley as he angrily attacks the champion forcing the referees and the Roster to come separate the two.

Zayn fights off the security climbing the top rope throwing caution to the wind landing a huge dive onto Owens and much of the roster, forcing the champ to retreat looking vulnerable for the first time since his début in NXT as the crown go wild for Sami Zayn.

Another wonderful episode of NXT this show gets better every week with a good 80% of the roster delivering week in week out. The fallout from the main event will hopefully lead to Sami getting some retribution and with the next Takeover event looming what better stage to settle the score.

Catch NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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