NXT Recap: Episode 277

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May 15, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTThe go-home show before NXT Takeover: Unstoppable is here and, moving into the always outstanding Special Events, things are coming along quite nicely.

Tonight’s show will hopefully feature a little more in-ring action, as the build up has been rather promo heavy thus far. Luckily, these have still been excellent segments which have all added to their respective feuds, but still it would be great to get some action before Unstoppable.

Solomon Crowe Vs Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin Solomon CroweThe NXT Universe have shifted favour the last few weeks, and have gone from counting the length of the Lone Wolf’s matches to chanting a unanimous “Boring” whenever he’s in the ring, a worrying development that could hinder Corbin’s progress. It’s a shame that the talented anarchist Solomon Crowe is thrown to the wolf, but at least he is given a little bit of offence and luckily doesn’t come across weak here.

Solomon Crowe seems to have the NXT fans behind him from the outset, and his energetic ring style and persona are going to go far if handled correctly. An indie star who has been moulded nicely into his re-branding, NXT suits him, they just need to give him more time to showcase his wrestling ability.

Unsurprisingly, Baron Corbin gets the victory here but his celebration is cut short as Rhyno marches down to the ring to confront him, with chaos soon unfolding, forcing several NXT officials to hold both Superstars back after Rhyno calls out Corbin, goading the challenger to fight a week early.

Rhyno comes out the better of the two, dishing out numerous Gores, one to Baron Corbin and then later to the officials who are trying in vain to restrain the beast.

Rhyno has looked great since his return and this could do wonders for Corbin, too, legitimising him as an unstoppable force in NXT. If handled correctly, even a loss wouldn’t hurt him, but I’d be surprised he were to lose at Takeover. Rhyno is in a great position to enhance younger talent and his experience will be a valuable asset at Full Sail.

A simple but efficient final push for this clash of the unstoppable forces of NXT.

Local Competitor Vs Sasha BanksSasha Banks and nobody

Another feud that is working extremely well is between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Lynch has been given a lot of mic time and has cut several impressive promos that complement her outstanding in-ring talent and help round her character out.

These two ladies always gel really well in the ring and the fans reap the rewards as, even when working as a tag team, they had something that just clicked and fortunately this has developed into their feud.

Another short bout, but one filled will some wonderful spots and vicious knees from The Boss Sasha Banks. The heel champion is made to look super strong against an unknown local wrestler and makes easy work of her with the Banks Statement submission.

This is a great way for NXT to show how much of a threat the women’s champion really is going into her title match, without feeling the need to throw her opponent into the mix.

Sasha Banks makes her unnamed opponent tap out easily to get a win before Takeover.

Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss
Carmella Alexa Bliss

A quick backstage promo from Bayley and Charlotte Flair, who are now set to face Emma and Dana Brooke at the PPV, kicks things off here. Charlotte woos to the camera and looks disgusted when Bayley mimics the gesture – could the possible dissolution of their team be a key factor at Unstoppable?

The Princess of Staten Island Carmella has had an eventful few weeks at Full Sail as she openly adored the admiration of the NXT tag champs Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, costing her boys Enzo and Big Cass numerous matches in the process.

Carmella looks good in the early stages of the bout, overpowering Bliss in a series of lock ups. It’s nothing spectacular and both women have a lot of catching up to do to be in the same class as the rest of the NXT Divas division, but the crowd are firmly behind Carmella and vocally show their appreciation for New Yorker throughout.

Blake and Murphy once again come down to add some shenanigans to the proceedings, and lead the distracted Carmella to eat the Sparkle Splash and allow Bliss to steal a win here.

Bliss takes the win from a distracted Carmella, solidifying her position as a real contender

Carmella shines whenever she has a microphone – this is clearly her strong suit, as opposed to her fledgling in-ring ability – and the post-match verbal beat-down of the champs helps her save face, pushing more heat for the tag match next week, too.

Meanwhile, Devon is backstage talking to Dana Brooke and Emma, regarding their match at Takeover. Dana Brooke feels a little stiff here compared to her over-sexualised and quite frankly ridiculous body movements and in this interview feels a little restrained.

Needless to say they accept the bout and another match is added to the PPV.

Adam Rose & Tyler Breeze Vs Hideo Itami & Finn Balor
Adan Rose Tyler Breeze Hideo Itami Finn BalorAdam Rose and Tyler Breeze work really well as a team; the Full Sail crowd are fans of Rose and love to heckle Prince Pretty, so the contrast is striking and keeps things entertaining.

As always Balor and Itami get an ear-splittingly raucous greeting from the crowd, and rightly so as they are a couple of the top Superstars in NXT, and Rose, in particular, is in really good company here.

Finn Balor oozes magnetism as he crawls and contorts his way to the ring. Coupled with his weirdly orchestral and ethereal entrance, the always captivating Irishman has us eating out of the palm of his hand before he even throws a punch.

Rose and Itami kick off proceedings in fine form, and the two exchange chops and strikes for a bit before Itami reaches out for a tag and his partner and unstoppable opponent hesitates for a second before jumping the rope into a stomp attack – subtle but a nice way to show the audience what is at stake in the upcoming triple threat.

Finn Balor controls the pace of the match, relentlessly attacking Rose and looking to capitalise until he reaches to jump over the ropes and Rose barges him to the outside and tags in Tyler Breeze.

Breeze continues the assault and works fluidly with Rose to keep Balor away from his partner. These two are working well as a team, and it’s great to see Rose getting some attention. When Balor is trapped in the corner, Rose tags himself in and continues the onslaught, hitting some good uppercuts and getting a close pin.

As Balor rushes into Rose from the ropes, he is met with a tremendous spinebuster, Rose doesn’t hesitate to go for the cover and in an innovative move turns the close two count into a Boston Crab submission.

When Rose is given time and talent to work with he is producing a high standard of ring work; his NXT tenure is a wise move and after coming across remarkably well in the ESPN E:60 documentary, this can only be a good thing for his career.

Balor valiantly manages to fight out of the submission before Breeze hits him for another close count. Itami is watching and growing increasingly frustrated.

Finn Balor hits a huge Pele kick out of nowhere and as he reaches Itami the Japanese superstar is already raring to go, hitting a massive running knee, and a flying clothesline to take out Rose.

As he hits the stalling dropkick, Balor tags himself back in to land a Slingblade on Rose in this mental game of one-upmanship. Balor lands a running dropkick of his own and climbs to the top, but as he reaches the turnbuckle Hideo Itami forces himself into the match with a tag, much to the frustration of Balor.

As the former tag partners argue Prince Pretty swipes a roll up to get the win before cleaning house on Itami and Balor with Beauty Shots galore – looking a million dollars in the process.

Tyler Breeze is set for the big time and this triple threat at Takeover Unstoppable could steal the show all eyes will be on these three superstars.

Adam Rose enters the ring to hoist the arm of the victor only to eat a Supermodel Kick from his own partner! Breeze obviously means business and is definitely one to watch.

Rose and Breeze steal the win but their relationship is in jeopardy ahead of next week’s Special Event

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn – Face to Face
Kevin Owens Sami ZaynThe match that everyone has been waiting for with bated breath is nearly upon us. Kevin Owens has been fantastic in his short time in NXT, attacking his friend, in one of the most shocking moments in pro-wrestling – not just in NXT – and stealing the championship from him. He’s been ruling NXT with an iron fist ever since and his reign looks set to continue.

The perfect underdog Sami Zayn is the great antithesis to Owens and the in-ring chemistry between the two has allowed this feud to naturally progress over the past few months. The culmination of all their hard work at Unstoppable will have the whole wrestling world talking, regardless of who comes out on top.

An exclusive video from RAW with Sami Zayn addressing a shoulder injury is aired first. This angle could come into play later on at the Special Event, but for now it’s another obstacle for Zayn to overcome, which of course he never ceases to do.

Sami is the first to the ring, with the crowd singing “Olé, Olé, Olé” to him as he stares down Kevin Owens, who once again comes to the ring with his brash mannerisms and cocky movements intact. The way he carries himself adds so much to this character, and he is a true master of this.

Sami Zayn wants answers and spends a good chunk of this face to face talking with Owens avoiding any answers, allowing Zayn to shoot all the hard questions and leave the fans wanting answers that they know the champ won’t give them.

Sami plays the children card claiming that Owens’ son is a bigger fan of his than his Dad, which annoys Owens but as he goes to speak but he once again stalls and leaves the ring as the NXT fans chant “Cry, Owens, Cry” in a clever variation of the usual “Kill, Owens, Kill.”

Kevin Owens walks down the ramp and stops to say that he knows Zayn is hurt, he knows how he was hurt and that when he gets him at Takeover he’s going to hurt him again, the only difference being he won’t return from this injury this time.

Even though it isn’t a match, this is a brilliant way to close the show, with Sami Zayn doing all the chasing and Owens playing the silent and driven heel, much to the crowd’s dismay.

These two are going to close NXT Takeover: Unstoppable with a bang and months of tension and rivalry will explode at Full Sail University next week on the WWE Network. Once again, NXT is going to be unmissable.

Catch NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network

NXT Takeover: Unstoppable airs May 20th at 8E/5P

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