NXT Takeover: Unstoppable 2015 Ring Report


May 21, 2015 by gorillapressonline

poster 2The NXT Takeover specials have all been superb thus far, often overshadowing the main roster’s PPV output, and Unstoppable looks to continue that trend. Sadly, the show kicks off on a sombre note as a pre-recorded segment airs during the kickoff,  confirming that Hideo Itami was injured in the parking lot.

This is, obviously, to write him out of storyline as he is going to be missing for a while (six months, approximately) due to a legitimate injury. However, this shows how highly the WWE must think of him to give him an exit in this manner.

The build-up for the main event with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn recently spilled over to RAW, where Zayn faced Cena for the US title in an excellent display of athletic ability. Then, NXT invaded the main roster again as last Monday night Owens attacked Cena and scored himself an Elimination Chamber match in the process.

All the emotional investment the NXT Universe has in this feud is going to accumulate at Unstoppable, in what could potentially be the talk of the water-cooler by the morning.

The show kicks off with a promo video that smoothly sums up the build-up to this event. The WWE always do a fantastic job editing these videos and they work extremely well, making our anticipation even higher before the fun starts proper.

#1 Contenders Match: Tyler Breeze Vs Finn Balortyler breeze finn balor

Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze is pulling out all the stops in his ring entrance tonight, NXT even went as far as using his selfie stick to record the intro on the app Periscope – an inventive use of social media platform that brings a new depth to his gimmick.

Finn Balor isn’t one to be outdone, of course, and ominous voices play over as an increasingly tense heartbeat encapsulates Full Sail University. Balor slithers out from the smoke-covered ramp with a brand new costume: creepy bat wings have been added to the face-paint and dreadlocks, much to the crowd’s delight. As his perfectly-timed movements and gestures play out, with his theme tune blaring in the background, the NXT Universe chant “Holy shit” as Breeze stands by looking totally unimpressed at ringside.

The crowd is vocally behind Balor as he ties up Breeze in a headlock. Breeze tries to control the action at his own pace, keeping Balor locked in rest-holds and forcing him to exert precious energy.

Balor lands a dropkick to shift momentum but the high-flying kicks of Breeze allow him to keep the action at his own pace in the early stages. Tyler Breeze is much more aggressive in his in-ring style than the NXT is familiar with and it is proving effective against the agile and innovative Balor.

The Irishman lands a huge dropkick and Breeze wisely leaves the ring, but this doesn’t stop Balor as he jumps the ropes and Prince Pretty collides with a double footstomp, quickly followed up by a sling blade but, as Balor tries to wrap up proceedings, Tyler Breeze wipes him out with a Supermodel Kick.

Noticeably frustrated, Breeze takes the corner pad off, exposing the steel ring, and the stunt almost falls foul as Balor throws him into the corner. Breeze manages to reverse the manoeuvre and Balor’s back gets the brunt of the damage, which Breeze capitalises on with a Beauty Shot for another close count.

Tyler Breeze throws a major tantrum in the ring and, as he tries to leave, Balor unexpectedly attacks him from the ramp and climbs the stage to a massive “Please don’t die” chant from the Full Sail fans. Unperturbed, Balor leaps gracefully from the stage, with the high risk paying off as everyone is left in awe of his bravery.

Once the action gets back to the ring Finn Balor quickly lands the Coup De Grace and becomes the new #1 contender, in an excellent, heart-stopping opener.

Tyler Breeze is a remarkable Superstar in his own right; he is consistently having great matches weekly on NXT and would fit into the main roster perfectly alongside the likes of Fandango. A very talented young wrestler, this loss has done nothing to dent his confidence.

Finn Balor gets a well-earned shot at the NXT gold in a wonderful opening match

Dana Brooke & Emma Vs Bayley & Charlotte Flair
charlotte bayleyWise move from NXT putting Dana Brooke in a team with Emma as, although the Total Diva has long been hyped, her début has been an awfully mismatched affair with some awkward, sexually-charged movements and a too-basic wrestling style – this is not to say Brooke cannot improve but her peers are leaps and bounds ahead of her, even in developmental.

Emma and Bayley have been at odds for the past few weeks, with the Australian Diva tormenting her super-peppy nemesis at every opportunity.

Bayley and Brooke start off the match with Charlotte and her partner working fluidly from the outset, and as Emma gets tagged into the ring Bayley can’t wait to get her hands on her.

As Bayley climbs the top rope, Brooke tries to push her down but it’s to no avail and, in a moment of great ring awareness, Emma pulls her from the ropes and bounces her head off the turn-buckle.

Emma keeps Bayley away from her tag partner, controlling the ring by cutting it in half, as she hits the Emmamite sandwich for a close two count. However, the ever resilient Bayley will not give up and gets a hot tag to Charlotte.

Patented Flair chops fill the arena with “Woooo”s echoing everywhere, as she tries to turn the tables. Dana Brooke and Emma are working solidly as a team but the genetically superior Diva quickly tips the scales in her favour.

Charlotte Flair turns a crossbody from Emma into a figure four leglock in an impressive sequence and, as she applies pressure by using a bridge into her patented figure 8 submission, Bayley stops the Total Diva from attacking Flair with her Belly to Bayley Suplex and Charlotte swiftly steals the win with a Natural Selection.

Another great women’s match with some great spots and finally some retribution for Bayley. The ladies of NXT are producing high-quality wrestling week to week, and it’s wonderful to see.

Charlotte and Bayley topple the Total Diva and Emma in a great tag match

Rhyno Vs Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin Rhyno

The re-genesis of Rhyno in NXT has been outstanding; the ECW legend is firmly over with the fans and his targets are set on another unstoppable force in NXT – the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin. We know going into it that this isn’t going to be a technical wrestling bout, but it’ll be a slobber-knocker to quote good ol’ JR.

The crowd are super hot tonight and as the two giants circle each other, sizing one another up, their “Rhyno is gonna kill you” chant echoes deafeningly around the arena. The two start off by exchanging stiff punches, and the action quickly flows outside of the ring.

Corbin stands toe to toe with the legend and looks impressive doing so, throwing Rhyno like around like a rag-doll. It’s great to see Corbin dominating here and, although the Man Beast tries to stage a comeback, the Lone Wolf proves to be the unstoppable one in this duel and, as Rhyno sets up the Gore, he gets a clothesline for his trouble and the End of Days to wrap things up.

Excellent use of Rhyno to legitimatise Baron Corbin as a contender and put him over in this match. It made perfect sense for NXT to use Rhyno to enhance Corbin and hopefully this win will have the crowd behind him a little more than they currently are.

Baron Corbin gets a vital win, putting him over as a contender

NXT Tag Team Title Match: Blake & Murphy (c) Vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass
enzo amore big caassEnzo and Big Cass are so over here at Full Sail it’s incredible and, as Enzo takes to the microphone, the audience reels off his entertaining spiel without prompt. The challengers  look fired up as they take it to the champs to earn the NXT tag team gold

Blake and Murphy have a lot to prove on their title run, but in this feud they have been more concerned with the attention of Carmella and this will be a major factor in this bout.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are dominating from the outset and, as Enzo tags in his partner, the duo look like capable of sweeping the champs and claiming the gold for themselves.

However, with a superkick from Big Cass, suddenly Alexa Bliss attacks Carmella at ringside and, distracted by this attack, Cass rushes to her aid, only for the champs to take advantage and steal the win.

Its a shame that Enzo and Cass could get the titles, but hopefully this isn’t the end of their feud as Bliss’ actions will have serious repercussions and the certified Gs will be after the dubstep duo even harder now for some serious revenge.

Blake and Murphy retain the gold, but their title reign is winding down

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks Vs Becky LynchSasha Banks Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks is one of the finest female wrestlers of our generation. The heel persona she adopts suits her perfectly, and this is set to be a match to keep a close eye on, especially as it will definitely influence the women’s division on a greater scale.

Lynch and Banks waste no time in exchanging blows going all out from the onset. Banks quickly gains the upper hand with some viscous dropkicks into the corner, but Lynch fights back valiantly, landing a good Belly To Belly Suplex as the fans loudly show their support – the amount of respect this division is getting is great to see, and it is very well deserved, too.

Becky Lynch wisely targets the arm of The Boss and manages to apply an armbar submission, which the champion struggles to fight to the ropes as her only means of escape.

When Banks makes it to the ropes she throws Becky Lynch out of the ring, to allow her some time to recoup and regroup. Then, as Lynch goes to the top rope, her efforts are quickly thwarted and Sasha Banks applies the Banks Statement submission to get the win and retain the NXT Divas championship.

An excellent women’s match all round, with both competitors giving their all and having one hell of a fight in what was certainly a highlight of the night.

Lynch looked like a million dollars in this match, she’s come such a long way, and this was a hard-fought and entertaining battle that made the NXT women’s championship look like something worth fighting for.

Sasha Banks is truly Unstoppable as the NXT Divas Champion

NXT Championship Match: Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn
Samoa Joe Kevin OwensThis is the one every member of the NXT Universe have been waiting for. This emotionally-charged match has a storied, mostly organic history and has been richly built over months of action. Owens and Zayn are both at the top of the league in NXT and rightly so, these guys consistently deliver and this is surely on the beginning of their careers.

Another excellent video package does the final build-up job, adding excitement and tension in equal measures. As both men enter the ring, the focus is clear in the eyes of Sami Zayn and, in typical Kevin Owens brashness, he is adorned in John Cena’s United States championship t-shirt – could this be a prophecy for Elimination Chamber?

As soon as the bell rings, the mind games start from Owens as he quickly leaves the ring, playing up to the crowd, until Sami has had enough and takes the fight to the outside.

A flurry of attacks follow, pushing Owens over the top rope and the fight spills to the outside once again. As the two brawl in the crowd, Owens sets up the Pop Up Powerbomb but fortunately Sami manages to grab onto the railings to avoid a devastating slam on the concrete.

Kevin Owens sells the assault perfectly and does wonders for making Zayn look strong without taking anything away from himself. As it looks like Zayn will final get his revenge after hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb, Owen kicks out within a hairpin.

Owens begs Zayn, as he scrambles to climb the ropes, forcing elbows into his head to break the hold. Owens is resilient and keeps fighting out – he is truly the dominant force of NXT and the way he is being handled suits him to a tee.

Zayn lines up the Helluva Kick but Owens scopes the move and manages to evade the ring once again, moving the match back into his territory. Sami Zayn runs straight into a Pop Up Power bomb onto the side of the ramp, and Owens refuses to let the medics tend to his ex-BFF, relentlessly attacking the downed challenger.

Kevin Owens keeps on stomping on Zayn as several officials try to hold him back, and it doesn’t take long to draw the attention of the NXT GM William Regal. As he confronts Owens in the ring, however, the champion shows no remorse or mercy and he headbutts Regal, refusing to stop the heinous assault.

As Owens picks up a steel chair, an all-too familiar theme tune hits the arena, much to the delight of the NXT, and none other than Samoa Joe strolls into Full Sail as the fans excitedly Chant “Joe’s gonna kill ya!” as Owens simply stares on in disbelief.

As the former TNA wrestler goes head to head with Owens, the champion steps away from the situation once again, establishing things on his own terms once more and leaving many a question in the air.

The match ends in a no contest, with Owens retaining the title

Samoa Joe gets an excellent reaction from the red-hot crowd and, although the surprise was spoiled by the dirt-sheets earlier in the week, his reveal was still handled wonderfully and, once again, the NXT Universe was granted an outstanding PPV/Special Event that hit all its marks and set up future events perfectly.

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