WWE News Roundup: Renee Young, Vince Russo & Reigns The Wedding Crasher

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May 26, 2015 by Joey Keogh

renee erick rowan

  • Fox & ESPN Looking To Poach Renee Young
    According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, we may soon be without the only actual journo in the WWE as high-profile news outlets Fox and ESPN (or, rather, “news” in Fox’s case) are both eyeing Renee Young to join their team when her contract expires. This should come as no surprise to regular viewers, as  Young is easily the most comfortable and charismatic of the so-called reporters on WWE TV – not to mention the fact she’s proven how talented she is at multi-tasking by taking on her own Network show, along with covering PPVs and doing varyingly awkward backstage interviews (see above). Lately, she’s been given the opportunity to do interviews outside of her usual remit, too, chatting to Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon on the campaign trail for their latest film, for example. Suffice to say Young is an asset to the WWE and they’re most likely going to pay through the nose to keep her (and rightly so).


  • Russo Runs Mouth Again, Nobody Cares
    True to his nature, Vince Russo was causing controversy again last week, this time forgoing his usual video-shot-in-his-mom’s-basement aesthetic to scribble down his barely-formed thoughts in a blog post entitled: “Please Pay Attention To Me. Please. I Beg You”. In it, he gives his alleged expert opinion on how, lately, all the WWE debuts have totally sucked; namely, that NXT upstarts such as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens made absolutely no impact when they appeared on RAW. Aside from the fact that Zayn didn’t technically debut, which renders Russo’s argument about him being “just another wrestler” kind of a moot point, Owens’ take-down of John Cena last week wasn’t just one of the most shocking RAW moments of the year thus far, it was also one of the coolest modern debuts of all time. It spoke to Owens’ character, it made him look super-strong and put him way over with the fans while simultaneously taking a much-needed shot at Cena’s otherwise impenetrable position. He didn’t, as Russo suggests, look like somebody who could’ve jumped the guardrail, he looked perfectly at home and comfortable. And, in fact, if Russo continues to write and promote such ill thought out drivel, he’ll soon end up being the one who seems to have sneaked in while the security guards’ backs were turned. If you’d like to read the whole blog, it’s here. If you’d rather keep your brains off the wall behind you, avoid at all costs as per.


  • Reigns, Uso & Truth Crash Unsuspecting Fans’ Wedding
    And in the “is this really news?” category, TMZ, of all places, reports that WWE Superstars Roman Reigns, R-Truth and Jimmy Uso crashed a wedding taking place in the hotel they were staying at in Syracuse, unaware that the couple in question were wrestling fans who had emailed the powers that be to invite them along. Judging by the pic TMZ acquired, they weren’t really dressed for a wedding but I suppose that doesn’t really matter when you’re as famous and well-liked as, er, R-Truth.

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