Lucha Underground Recap: Episode 27th May

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June 2, 2015 by gorillapressonline


This week’s episode of the fantastic Lucha Undergound starts with the usual, slick pre recorded video packages, Mil Muertes laid in a coffin is intersected cuts between Dario Cuerto and Catrina setting up the resurrection of a man of a thousand deaths, who will be returning to the underground to face Fenix in a death match.

A recap video catches fans up to date with all the feuds currently happening in LU and these are brilliantly produced with a fluid and exciting recap making it accessible to new fans without feeling forced down the throats of existing fans.

Hernadez will get the title shot that he has craved against the Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma in the temple tonight.

Aerostar Vs Johnny Mundo
Johnny MundoJohnny Mundo returns to the underground after an hiatus, the last time we seen him e smashes Alberto El Patron’s head through the window of Dario Cuerto’s office.

Mundo wastes no time in attacking Aerostar; Mundo is clearly in a bad mood and Aerostar is on the receiving end of a vicious beating in the early stages. When Aerostar mounts an offence with an impressive tilt O whirl and follows it up with a modified 619 using the top rope instead of the middle to smash Mundo into the canvas.

Johnny Mundo once again sways things with stomps to the head of the man from the cosmos, Aerostar refuses to give up though and launches an assault over the top rope taking Mundo out on the concrete floor to a raucous “lucha” chant.

Nothing flashy from Mundo his usually athletic style is exchanged for an almost street fight utilization of strikes to his advantage. When Aerostar gets some breathing room he looks impressive, the high flying and kinetic move set is affective but wisely Mundo keeps things on the ground and quickly wraps things up with his End of the World top rope finisher.

Johnny Mundo returns in an aggressive and focused manor

A sit down interview between Sexy Star and Vampiro regarding her actions with Pentagon Jr and her winning a mask Vs mask match against the Luchadores Super Fly, a lot of tension was afoot with the trios of Super Fly, Pentagon Jr and Sexy Star.

Sexy Star had let Pentagon Jr break the arm of her friend Super Fly and then proceeded to defeat Pentagon Jr, LU head honcho Dario Cuerto has signed a rematch between the two in a submission match all things are stacked against Sexy and she has one hell of a fight on her hands.

Vampiro takes a back seat in this interview and allows the Luchadores to speak and the flow is better than some of the other interviews which he has previously conducted in Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground Championship Match: Hernandez Vs Prince Puma
Hernandez Prince PumaSpeed verses power in this championship match, Hernandez has to keep the match grounded to have any chance of toppling the LU champion, Puma throws the challenger out of the ring as creates space between the two as he runs the ropes looking to dive over onto Hernandez he instead opts for a moment of mockery, diving backwards into a series of somersaults then strutting towards his opponent outside the ring.

Prince Puma’s ring awareness allows him to convert a diving attack into a brutal looking double knee to the chest of Hernandez; the challenger downs Puma with a stiff clothesline before launching a beat down of his own.

Puma uses his agility to try and take out Hernandez with a sunset flip but the monster is far to strong and shrugs off the move with ease lifting Puma in the air like a child. Overhead throws from the #1 contender around the ring before hoisting him in a torture rack variation getting a close two count.

Puma is rarely manhandled as much as in this match, a powerbowb rattles the champions head from the mat knocking the wind out of him but his fighting spirit allows him to kick out from another close count.

Prince Puma wisely escapes the ring and reaches for a chair from under the ring, as Hernandez runs the ropes and eats a huge chair shot to the skull after a dive through the ropes leaving both men laid out forcing the referee to count.

When Puma gets back into the ring he does hesitate to showcase his innovative offence and land a running corkscrew dive over the top rope, wiping out the challenger to his throne. Exciting stuff here at the temple.

Hernandez tosses Puma onto the side of the ring apron with a harsh looking Power bomb leaving the champion in a crumpled heap; the relentless passion of Puma allows him to fight on climbing the guard rail on the small balcony and landing a flip onto Hernandez in an impressive feat.

The action moves back into the squared circle and Puma gets a close count, both men know what is at stake here and refuse to give up. Hernandez counters a running bulldog from the champ turning into in a scoop slam his strength is becoming a huge factor in this match, the big guy goes to the top rope and Prince Puma barely manages to evade an attack and mount an offence of his own.

Prince Puma drags Hernandez to the corner but is scoped when he reaches the top rope in a good example of ring awareness from the challenger. Hernandez eats a boot to the head and lands his 630 splash spectacle which has to be seen to be believed to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

Hard fought and enjoyable title defence with some excellent back and forth action sees Puma retain

Deathmatch: Mil Muertes Vs Fenix
Mil Muertes Fenix

Mil Muertes looks intense as he makes his way to the ring accompanied by the souls he retrieved after the grave mistake and Cartina in tow, Fenix looks on in the ring determined and refuses to allow Mil to get to the ring, diving through the ropes to no avail as Muertes easily catches the high flyer.

This doesn’t stop Fenix as he returns to the ring to try once again.

Mil Muertes targets Fenix’s skull landing numerous stomps as he quickly gets control of the deathmatch. The only way this match can stop is via pinfall in the ring everything else is legal.

Every time Fenix tries to launch an attack he is easily shrugged off and quelled by the much larger Muertes, Fenix refuses to give up as he lands an impressive top move combination with an impressive display of agility and power.

Mil Muertes decimates the Luchadores with a chair which he barely manages to escape, as he gets to his feet Fenix launches the man of a thousand deaths into the brass railings before climbing them to land a savage double footstomp from them onto the chest of Mil Muertes.

Muertes takes to the top himself hitting a crossbody onto Fenix before clobbering him onto the announcers table corner.

Mil Muertes carries Fenix onto the balcony, as the two climb to the higher platform in the temple, Muertes powerbombs Fenix through an office roof in a devastatingly fiendish spot.

The referee rushes to get the office door unlocked to checked on the downed Luchadores, the messengers of death that accompanied Muertes to the ring feed Fenix to Muertes as he stands in the ring awaiting his opponent.

Mil Muertes slams Fenix to the mat and easily pins the Luchadores as he lays lifeless in the centre of the ring, Catrina lifts the head of Fenix and licks his face tasting the death. an excellent Death match with furious action and increasingly believable spots.

The returned Muertes looks impressive and unstoppable at the Lucha Temple this is only the start of his path of destruction.

The show closes with Dario Cuerto talking to his Crew about embarrassment and they have to choose someone to be made an example, this forces the crew to provide a sacrifice and Dario forces them to place his head in some bars where- presumably- a lion eats his face! Leaving the other two members covered in blood! Only in Lucha Underground!!

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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