NXT Recap: Episode 281

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June 5, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTWednesdays are fast becoming a wrestling fan’s favourite day as NXT are truly propping up the WWE right now, with their weekly show now running directly against TNA Impact, Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor, and yet still managing to pull in the viewers week after week.

Highlights of the wonderful Kevin Owens Vs John Cena match at Elimination Chamber, which saw the NXT champ do the impossible as he defeated the Superman – and did it looking like a million dollars, no less – kick things off in rousing fashion.

Tyler Breeze Vs Adam Rosetyler breeze adam rose
Prince Pretty himself opens the show this week, sporting a fetching cape on his way to the ring. The confidence and charisma oozes from Breeze and he has a bright future in the WWE for sure. His opponent tonight, Adam Rose, looks  uncharacteristically subdued as he walks to the ring, his usual spark missing and replaced by a more sombre persona.

The Full Sail crowd chant “We want Kruger” in reference to his failed original persona, much to Rose’s chagrin, as he gets ready in the ring.

A lot of traditional wrestling abounds, in the early stages, with a number of stiff chops from Rose and some good mat-based tussling with headlock and rest-hold sequences feeling fluid in their transitions. The pacing of the match is really slow, which is odd to see from Breeze, and his usual kinetic energy seems sapped in this match.

Tyler Breeze hits a gorgeous hurricanrana, following it up with some strikes to the head of Rose, who hits back with a clothesline as once again the pacing fizzles.

A nice spot in which Breeze kicks out of a pin only to have it converted into a Boston crab from Rose is innovative, but Breeze manages to crawl and break the hold to allow the match to continue.

The Tyler Breeze we all know and love soon makes an appearance and saves the match, when Rose runs the ropes only to eat a Beauty Spot to end an oddly-paced opener.

Tyler Breeze makes short work of Adam Rose

Solomon Crowe sparks some life into the episode by talking to Devon backstage about how he wants to get back into the ring with Kevin Owens. Crowe is really coming into his own and is fun to watch both inside and outside the ring.

A Dana Brooke promo from the Arnold Classic airs next, showcasing her competitive body-building. which is only aired for Triple H.

Eva Marie is returning to NXT and, as she take to the microphone, the entire Full Sail crowd boo her spectacularly in unison. She tries to shrug it off by saying “ I love you Guys” and “I’ll wait” which just elicit louder jeers, and which then evolve into a “You can’t wrestle” chant. Eva Marie says the NXT women have stolen the show and she is here to compete with the best, but she is visibly shaken and quite obviously holding back tears.

NXT GM William Regal has a major announcement next, regarding the July 4th Sumo Hall show in Japan, which will feature the match we’ve all been waiting for: Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor for the NXT title. The match will be broadcast live on the WWE Network, streaming live from Japan and joining Owens and Balor are a stacked card featuring Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Paige and The Lucha Dragons.

Carmella W/ Enzo & Big Cass Vs Alexa Bliss W/ Blake & Murphy
alexa bliss carmellaCarmella has had a lot of history with the NXT tag team champs as, over the past few weeks, they were showering her with gifts and trying desperately to pry her away from Enzo and Cass. The crowd are vocally behind the Queen of Staten island as she delivers some impressive elbows to Bliss, kicking things off.

Alexa Bliss quickly gains the upper hand, utilising her vast experience to her advantage, gloating and playing up to the crowd between attacks.

Carmella is clearly having fun in this match and is visibly improving week after week, and although she still has some work to do in the ring she has a promising future when her skills are honed as she is so over with the crowd.

Bliss manages to stave off her opponent’s assault for much of the match and eventually steals the victory by holding onto the ropes – a great way to add heat to BAMF and allow this feud to continue.

Bliss steals the win opposite the Queen of Staten Island

Rhyno is set to face Finn Balor in the Main Event later in the show, and he is interviewed backstage regarding his match at Unstoppable, revealing that, even though it was fun going to war with Baron Corbin, he is now back on track and focused on chasing the NXT title.

Next, the injured Sami Zayn gets a nice video package, explaining his injury and how it happened. As always, Zayn is personable and enthusiastic. It’s hard not to root for the guy and thankfully, despite some issues, his surgery was a success so he should be back in action very shortly.

The Vaudevillans Vs Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis
the vaudevillainsAfter what feels to have been far too long an absence, the excellent Simon Gotch and Aiden English finally return to Full Sail University and immediately things get a lot manlier. Their strongman black and white entrance is wonderfully quaint, setting the tone nicely for what’s to come.

Jason Jordan has been looking for a tag partner over the past few weeks and here he teams with Marcus Louis, an odd combination but it might work.

The aggressive and unstable Louis kicks things off with Simon Gotch, who controls the pace, using his strength to wear down Louis with rough-looking headlocks. Both men offer a quick exchange and Jason Jordan impressively manhandles Aiden English.

Jordan has all the tools to be a proficient wrestler and is a fairly well-rounded Superstar. He looks focused as he takes control of the match, stretching out English and wisely keeping him away from Gotch.

Marcus Louis plays up to the crowd with growls and menacing facial expressions, almost like a cheap Leatherface knock-off. At one point he crawls over the downed English, screeching into his ear like a loony – it’s odd to see this gimmick in NXT in 2015 but not completely unwelcome either.

Gotch lands a running uppercut when he finally enters the match and, after another quick tag, Aiden English hits a Whirling Dervish and picks up the win for the returning duo. Good to see The Vaudevillans back in NXT after a long hiatus and doing so well, too.

A quite manly victory for the Vaudevillains

Another VT airs next, this time focusing on The Boss Sasha Banks, by profiling some great in-ring action from the super-talented NXT women’s champion. Banks keeps firmly in character during this, and it helps reinforce her heel status no end.

Finn Balor Vs Rhyno
rhyno finn balor
Before the match, Balor addresses the tantalising announcement of his match against Kevin Owens in the place where his career was first forged, Tokyo.

Balor boldly claims that he will be walking out of the country that gave him eleven titles with his twelfth, the NXT championship.

Since his arrival at NXT the man-beast Rhyno has had his eyes firmly set on the enigmatic Irishman. The theatrics and ring psychology don’t work with the ECW alumnus and, when he finally gets Balor in the ring, he plans on decimating him.

The crowd are as usual insanely loud as Finn comes to the ring, slithering and writhing as he goes – the crowd are putty in his hands. Rhyno looks on intensely as Finn stares from across the ring.

Balor tries to use his distinct speed advantage in the early stages, to no avail, as the power of Rhyno proves too much. Some innovative offence allows Finn to gain an advantage, but this is stifled quickly when Rhyno stops him dead in his tracks.

Rhyno drives his shoulder into the ribs of Finn Balor but the demon fights back with some flying punches, as he tries to climb the top rope he is scoped and knocked to the outside. Balor wastes no time in running the ropes and taking out the man beast.

Rhyno gets a close two count with a running Powerslam, hooking his legs around Balor and applying pressure in a submission manoeuvre that forces him to exert precious energy.

A short arm clothesline keeps Balor grounded as the man beast easily lifts and tosses him across the ring, once again gaining a close count. This is agitating Rhyno and Balor has to take to the top to down the much larger fighter with a flying forearm.

Finn Balor looks to be gaining the upper hand only to be stopped in his tracks yet again – never have the NXT universe seen him treated like this in the ring and they are vocally shocked.

However, the ever resilient Balor catches Rhyno with a Pele Kick and Sling Blade, hoping to capitalise on this momentum with the running drop-kick but Rhyno sees what is coming and avoids the Coup De Grace, exciting stuff.

Finn Balor finally manages to catch the ECW superstar and pins him with a roll-up, stealing a win in this hard-fought and hard-hitting match.

Finn Balor proves he’s still a force to be reckoned with by slaying the Rhyno

As Finn Balor is celebrating at the top of the stage, Rhyno makes a serious statement by flooring his opponent, leaving him writhing in pain as the EMTs are called.

This is definitely the start of something big, and NXT is definitely the place to be right now.

Catch NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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