Lucha Underground Recap: Episode 30

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June 7, 2015 by gorillapressonline

lucha1The show opens with a VT recap featuring the Sexy Star and Super Fly mask Vs mask match and the Trios match which led to a Crew member having his face decimated by a caged beast on the previous episode.

Chavo and Dario Cuerto are talking about why the former has returned to the Temple after quitting; Chavo tells the boss that Black Lotus has come to rescue his brother and that he’s returned to protect Lotus so she can fulfill her job.

Dario is visibly shocked at this announcement. Chavo reassures him that a Guerrero is only loyal to the highest bidder and that, if Dario can offer him round the clock protection, he would present Black Lotus on a silver platter.

Rather ominously, the VT ends with Dario asking what the returning Chavo really wants.

Jack Evans Vs ArgenismaxresdefaultArgenis had his arm broken by Pentagon Jr and this is first match back at the Temple. before he can reach the ring, Dario interrupts to take the microphone and say nobody cares about Argenis and his historically-rich Lucha heritage and, while he’s at it, even though Jack Evans impressed in his first bout he still lost.

Dario Cuerto wants to make this match interesting by offering one of his golden medallions. These will bring power, fame and fortune in the Lucha Temple to the winner and are very highly-coveted as a result.

Fenix is the only other holder of one of the medallions and he has been less than fortunate since receiving his, so whether the victor of this bout has more success with the mysterious medallion remains to be seen.

Jack Evans brings the fight straight to Argenis; both of these luchadors are at the top of their game, and the two youngsters bring a fluid and intense style to the Temple.

Evans quickly takes advantage in the early stages, with some capoeira-style kicks flooring the Mexican easily. He then races for the top rope, which is wisely scoped by Argenis,  unconventionally running into his opponent head first to knocking him from the top.

Evans turns a tilt-a-whirl into a Gracie arm-bar submission in an impressive feat, focusing on the injured arm, but Argenis refuses to submit.

He then goes for a handspring which is caught into a Suplex by Argenis. As the action spills to the outside the luchadors really pull out all stops, with Evans getting absolutely rocked by Argenis.

Things look to be heading in favour of Argenis in his return and he goes for the pin, but Evans rolls him up and converts the attempt into a reverse bridge – which looks amazing, it has to be said – earning his first victory in the Lucha Temple while also gaining one of Dario Cuerto’s mysterious medallions.

A solid opener, with the returning Argenis looking in great shape, but it’s sadly not enough for him to conquer the high-flying Jack Evans

Backstage, Willie Mack and Cage are fighting to determine who will join Big Ryck‘s team for a shot at the Trios championships. Cage comes up trumps in the fight leaving Mack laid out after a gruelling street fight in the locker area.

Black Lotus and Chavo Guerrerro Jnr. are talking next, and as Lotus turns her back on Chavo he sneakily tries to punch her from behind. She spots the attack coming and opens a locker, which Chavo smashes his hand into full force.

She backs this up with an elbow to the face of Chavo and he quickly calls for help from The Crew who are also made short work of by Lotus. The segment ends as Chavo hits her across the back with a bat and handcuffs her.

Delavar Daivari, Big Rick & Cage Vs Son of Havoc, Angelico & Ivelisse
Delavar Daivari, Big Rick & Cage Vs Son of Havoc, Angelico & IvelisseIvelisse comes to the ring on crutches so it is uncertain how she will participate in this Trios championship match, at first. The high-flying champs are facing a difficult Trios in Cage, Ryck and Daivari as these challengers are all much larger and offer a harder hitting, more grounded style compared to their high-flying offence.

Cage and Angelico kick off proceedings; Angelico is not intimidated by the much larger Cage, who just wants to fight and he lands some Muay Thai style knees, which rattle Cage in the early stages, and, as Havoc and Angelico argue, Daivari tags himself in and takes out Angelico.

Son of Havoc and The Golden Warrior pair off nicely, with Havoc landing a tilt-a-whirl head scissors take-down. His movement is surprising for a man of his size and he is definitely one to watch out for.

When Havoc runs the ropes Angelico tags himself in and Cage quickly tags his partner. Cage hits a huge slam and tags in Big Ryck, who goes for a quick cover on Angelico.

Ivelisse wants to be tagged into the match and, when Angelico refuses, she steps down from the ring and takes a seat in the Temple, looking frustrated at the events that are unfolding, and leaving this effectively a 3-on-2 match.

Ryck comfortably manhandles Angelico hoisting him in a lift and in a nice moment, transferring the vertical Angelico to Cage, who lands a massive slam.

Cage lifts Angelico one handed, converting the move into a powerbomb for another close call. A big flying knee shifts momentum but it’s not enough to stop the monster Cage.

Working in unison, Cage tags in Big Ryck who takes out Son of Havoc on the apron, tags in Daivari, who is distracted by another luchador in a run-in.

This match is chaotic, with Angelico diving over the turn-buckle to land a flip on Cage which in turn allows Son of Havoc to land a moonsault to take the victory and retain the trios championship belts, keeping them with this unorthodox team.

Son Of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse retain the titles in a mental match

Fast-paced and hard-hitting, the Trios division allows plenty of action in a relatively short amount of time and this works perfectly with the Lucha Underground format as it offers something fresh for the American audience who might not be as familiar with this style of wrestling.

Trios matches have long been a staple of Mexican Lucha Libre and LU are wise to adopt this format into their tight, hour-long shows, as not only does it allow more talent to get television time, it also brings an alternative approach to standard tag wrestling.

Black Lotus is tied and gagged and presented to a smug-looking Dario in a subsequent VT, and Dario reveals he has a special place for her in the cells opposite his brother!

Submissions Match: Sexy Star Vs Pentagon Jrlucha-underground-6315-submissio-620x350This match is set firmly in favour of Pentagon Jr; the bone-breaking luchador is set on getting revenge on Sexy Star and he looks super-confident on his way to the ring. However, Sexy Star is not one for giving up, she throws her heart and soul into Lucha Libre and she won’t submit that easily.

The Temple are vocally behind the female luchador, as she makes her sprightly way to the ring. Pentagon takes to the microphone to say he will break her for his master but before he can finish Sexy launches an assault to kick the match off.

Both Pentagon and Sexy run the ropes to start things off, exchanging flying knees and dropkicks in a wonderful display, before Sexy Star hooks a single arm headlock, wearing down the much-larger Pentagon Jr.

Sexy Star uses her considerable speed against Pentagon, contacting with a hurricanrana and targeting the left elbow of her opponent.

She tries another head scissors but Pentagon Jr catches it and hooks her into a pile-driver position but holds her form and turns it into a stretch submission, arching Sexy Star‘s back and legs.

A brilliant reversal allows Sexy Star to avoid a body slam, hooking the elbow of Pentagon into a Fujiwara armbar, hyper-extending the joint. Pentagon refuses to give in and when he escapes he lands a brutal super-kick, rolling her into a half crab submission, but she manages to evade the submission via the ropes.

Sexy Star catches Pentagon Jr into a single leg Boston Crab, applying pressure in the centre of the ring but, as Pentagon is about to tap out, Super Fly attacks Sexy, breaking the hold and powerbombing the luchador, practically handing her to Pentagon who quickly applies a Mexican Surfboard to get the victory in this submission match.

Sexy Star falls foul of Super Fly, allowing Pentagon Jnr. to steal the win

Pentagon Jr refuses to release the hold as Sexy Star writhes in pain, but luckily Vampiro runs from his spot at the announce table and breaks the hold, staring down the man with no fear in his eyes whatsoever.

The two men stand toe to toe in the centre of the ring, as the Temple erupts into a Vampiro chant. The long-retired luchador wisely leaves the ring, leaving Pentagon Jr celebrating.

The show ends with a video package, as a deranged-looking Vampiro head-butts a mirror several times while a voice-over proclaims something dark is coming.

Will Vampiro step back into a ring? Why did Super Fly attack his former friend Sexy Star?

Lots of questions left unanswered for the next episode of Lucha Underground.
If you’re not tuning in yet, why the hell not?

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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