NXT Recap: Episode 282

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June 12, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTAnother week, another episode of the reliably fantastic NXT to look forward to. This week kicks off with a quick VT, letting the NXT universe know that Samoa Joe will be in action tonight at Full Sail, so hold onto your butts for that. Joe has been a hot commodity for a long time and this is the first time he will actually wrestle on the show, so it’s a big deal.

Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley Vs Mike Rallis & Elias Samson
Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley Vs Mike Rallis & Elias SampsonThe Long Island Iced Z hits NXT, as he teams up with the returning and suitably hyper Mojo Rawley. The NXT Universe love a bit of Ryder and a massive “WOO, WOO, WOO!!” echoes around the arena as he enters.

It’s no secret who is going to get the victory here; Elias Samson and Mike Rallis have quickly become NXT‘s resident jobbers (when was the last time they even wrestled a full match?), which is a shame as they both have a decent look and boast some athletic ability.

The returning Rawley busts some terrible dance moves right off the bat, which just looks a bit desperate, although he is in much better shape since his return and NXT are set to push him hard but the gimmick grinds on me and feels forced.

At one point in the match, he stands over his opponent and screams “It’s hammer time!” before continuing the rubbish dance moves with a sit-down axe handle smash – and that about sums up this opener’s tone.

When Rallis finally gets some offence in, he looks good hitting a hard-looking Suplex and, although Ryder clocks him with the Broski Boot, Rallis hits some decent European uppercuts and briefly looks like a threat.

The crowd are behind Mojo Rawley throughout – his gimmick is clearly over, as they chant “Stay Hyped!” – and he hits an impressive shoulder tackle and hoists his opponent up so Zack Ryder can land a Doomsday Rough Ryder, getting the victory which was in no doubt from the beginning anyway.

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley are clearly over but won’t amount to more than a fun filler team in the long run, but nevertheless they get a win here

A video promo for the July 4th Tokyo show airs next, with Finn Balor talking about the two sides of people and if they should choose to embrace the demon inside, as the face-paint covers the screen. It’s a pretty cool promo, and his match against Kevin Owens will have fans at Sumo Hall (and at home) salivating.

Another interview with Dana Brooke follows, as she checks out positive and negative Twitter comments (aping the Celebrities Read Mean Tweets bit made famous by Jimmy Kimmel), aiming to be an inspiration for women around the world. NXT are pushing her so hard but it’s nice to see her addressing the negativity she has received and putting a nice spin on it, too.

Emma Vs Blue Pants
emma vs blue pantsEmma looks like a million dollars since she has adopted her new heel persona. She oozes charisma and it’s evident as the NXT universe boo the hell out of her and she calmly shrugs it off that she is feeding off the crowd. Ole Blue Pants (Leva Bates, who is celebrating her birthday tonight) gets a massive reception, too, as the crowd sing along with her theme (sung by fellow Superstar Big Cass).

As the crowd chant “Happy birthday!” Blue Pants signs that she loves Emma and wants to dance with her. Blue Pants then starts to do Emma‘s dance and, as she turns, the heel attacks her, snidely wishing her a happy birthday as she eats the mat.

This aggressive and driven Emma is impressive and she woman-handles Blue Pants, who resiliently fights out, getting two close roll up attempts. Blue Pants swings momentum and looks great in the ring – Leva Bates is better than Blue Pants‘ gimmick but she is having fun in this role and it’s clear she loves being in NXT.

Blue Pants goes for a roundhouse kick, which Emma ducks and turns into the Emma-Lock to force the challenger to submit.

Emma is coming into her own in NXT and a move back up to the main roster as a heel would be refreshing

Backstage, Big Cass, Carmella and Enzo Amore are talking to Devin and, confusingly, they reference The Hunger Games, claiming that The Sweet Boys – AKA Blake and Murphy – along with new convert Alexa Bliss wouldn’t last one day in the Games and the lying cowards will get their comeuppance next week on NXT. Strong words indeed.

Tyler Breeze Vs Bull Dempsey
tyler breeze vs bull dempseyNXT‘s resident wrecking ball (or bull) Bull Dempsey is set to face Prince Pretty next and, although Dempsey hasn’t had much success in Full Sail thus far, he isn’t deterred at all in his return.

Tyler Breeze is such a great talent and, in spite of having a disjointed match last week against Adam Rose, he starts this bout off well, immediately locking up with the monster.

Dempsey quickly overpowers him with a head-butt, which he follows up with a head-lock, but Tyler battles back and, as he runs the ropes, the much larger Bull Dempsey stops him dead in his tracks with a shoulder-block, winding himself in the process, and proving that Full Sail have the best fans as a loud “Cardiooooo!” chant breaks out.

However, Prince Pretty throws the big man back into the ring and collides with a Beauty Shot to wrap things up nicely and to notch yet another win onto his belt.

Short, but entertaining, match overall that sees Bull Dempsey once again losing

Becky Lynch Vs Jessie McKay
becky lynch vs jessie mc kayThe massive ovation Becky Lynch received after her stellar match at Takeover: Unstoppable is aired before her match tonight, gathering momentum before she even steps into the ring. She is one of the top female wrestlers in NXT and, considering it’s already a pretty stacked division, it’s even more of an achievement and it’s great to see her finally get her moment in the spotlight.

Lynch comes to the ring in some awesome steampunk-inspired gear and the Lass Kicker wastes no time in locking up with McKay, with some good arm drags allowing Lynch to get the upper hand in the early stages.

McKay lands a huge kick, getting a two count on Lynch, and wisely she doesn’t let up slamming her by the hair into the mat afterwards. She applies a submission, twisting and writhing Lynch’s arm. Considering she’s up against one of the top Divas in NXT, McKay looks really impressive here.

Lynch ducks under a forearm and connects with a clothesline, which she quickly follows up with a Hammerlock Suplex before landing a succession of running leg drops.

Lynch scopes another kick, which she turns into a hybrid Samoan Drop, quickly moving into an armbar and consequently forcing McKay to kick out.

McKay got a lot of offence in during this match, but Lynch mounted a great comeback to steal yet another victory in NXT

Up next, NXT GM William Regal discusses how special this night is with the in-ring début of Samoa Joe. He is allowing Kevin Owens to sit on commentary during the match – so we all know that will be gold – and, as he is wrapping up his announcement, Bull Dempsey bursts in eating crisps and playing on the gassed angle for whatever reason.

William Regal, fancy as always, calls him “flower” and tells him to get his act together as Dempsey opens a chocolate Bar, blatantly ignoring him.

Elsewhere, Jason Jordan is still on the look-out for a tag team partner as, unfortunately, last week’s didn’t work out too well. And, as Chad Gable once again tries to muscle in by giving him another towel, it becomes even clearer that these two will inevitably be paired up later down the line.

Baron Corbin Vs Angelo Dawkins
angelo dawkins

Baron Corbin has proven he’s the only unstoppable force in NXT as he bested the man beast Ryhno at the PPV, but tonight the Lone Wolf faces Angelo Dawkins and the NXT universe start the countdown immediately as he enters the ring, followed by Cena-esque duelling chants.

Corbin easily overpowers the amateur wrestling style of Dawkins, throwing him around the ring with ease before subsequently parading him around the ring like a trophy. Dawkins mounts a resurgence, hitting two stiff punches, but he is quickly stopped with the End of Days finisher, allowing him another quick victory at NXT.

Baron Corbin makes quick work of yet another victim

Samoa Joe Vs Scott Dawson
kevin owens byron saxtonThe time has come for something many a fan didn’t believe would ever happen: Samoa Joe in a WWE ring. Kevin Owens is sat on commentary with his arm around a clearly terrified Byron Saxton, ominously claiming he will look after him if things get a little scary. Owens is gold and putting him on commentary tonight is a genius move on the part of Triple H.

Joe looks focused as he enters the ring and the NXT crowd chant “He’s gonna die” to Scott Dawson, who swiftly gets pushed into the corner by the much more experienced Joe. Some decent chain wrestling ensues with, obviously, Joe coming out on top.

Owens is brilliant on commentary throughout, shooting down any negativity and cutting off Saxton by telling him he made a bigger impression than Joe by beating John Cena in his first ever main roster WWE match – at a PPV no less. The in-ring action sometimes seems secondary to Owens, but that’s perfectly fine.

Joe hits some great back elbows and stiff chops before lifting Dawson with ease to rock him with a muscle-buster, getting his first victory in NXT.

Samoa Joe scores his first ever NXT victory, surprising no one yet delighting everyone

Immediately following the match, Kevin Owens stands up and defiantly walks past Samoa Joe, who calls out the NXT champ, asking him where he thinks he’s going.

Joe tries to goad Owens into the ring as the always-excellent Full Sail crowd chant “Fight, Owens, Fight!” The TNA megastar wants to give them the fight they all came to see, but naturally the suitably cocky Owens is having none of it.

He says first of all he doesn’t run anywhere and, more to the point, there are two reasons he won’t enter the ring with Joe tonight; 1. He’s a nice man and doesn’t wanna drop Samoa Joe in the ring after his first even win and 2. Joe is a rookie and you can’t just walk in and get an NXT title shot after one match, you have to earn that right.

GM William Regal interrupts Kevin Owens and agrees that, although Joe hasn’t earned a title shot, he has earned the right to fight – Regal is a crowd pleaser, after all, and declares that next week on NXT, Kevin Owens will face Samoa Joe. The crowd, understandably, go fucking nuts at this revelation.

What a way to close NXT and have people talking about that dream Main Event, which will air next Wednesday night, so make sure that, if you’re not watching the show for whatever reason, you fix that immediately.

Catch NXT every Wednesday on the WWE Network

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