Lucha Underground Recap: Episode 31

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June 18, 2015 by gorillapressonline


Once again it’s time to step into the Lucha Temple with the excellent Lucha Underground. As the first season draws to a close, a lot of questions are still up in the air; why did Super Fly attack Sexy Star and allow Pentagon Jr to assault her? Will tonight see the return of Vampiro to in ring action? Will Black Lotus finally get her revenge on Dario Cueto?

This week’s show kicks off with a Chavo and Lotus recap followed by the Prince Puma title run story. This is a great way for viewers to catch up and it doesn’t feel as intrusive or forced as some of the more mainstream VTs do.

Vampiro kicks things off with an apology, announcing he should never have let his emotions get the better of him and enter the temple, his place is at the announcers table – this is possibly going to set up a swerve later on with Pentagon Jr antagonising Vampiro into a match.

Dario Cueto takes to the ring to tell the rabid fans that, in eight weeks’ time, all his hard work will come to fruition in an event he is calling Ultima Lucha. This will be a yearly event and tonight’s episode will determine who will get a title slot at his inaugural spectacular.

The luchadors who are eligible to compete are; Hernandez, King Cuerno, Cage and Fenix.

Dario then announces that the legendary Blue Demon Jr will be back in the temple soon! The man himself comes to the ring clad in a suit and the crowd are ecstatic to see the Mexican legend back. Dario wants Demon to be involved with the Ultima Lucha event but he has to shake off the ring rust first and face Chavo Guerrero Jr to claim his spot.

Always one to make things interesting – and favourable for his intentions – Cueto makes this an anything goes match.

Anything Goes Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Blue Demon Jr.
Blue Demon Chavo GuerrerroThe be-suited Blue Demon Jr rushes to attack Chavo, quickly using his experience to gain control, tossing Guerrero outside the ring and taking the fight to him. It doesn’t take long for the remaining members of The Crew to get involved, holding Demon steady while Chavo chops him.

Chavo Guerrero picks up a Kendo stick and starts to choke out the lucha legend, while The Crew systematically picks apart Demon.

They pin down him down, as Chavo heads for the top rope, hitting a Frog Splash and subsequently thwarting the involvement of Blue Demon Jr in Ultima Lucha by stealing a pin-fall.

A cool, Dark Knight-style promo airs for Drago next, as his silhouette shines through the Temple lights. This is very slick and Drago has always been a fan favourite.

More backstage goodness with Chavo chatting to the recently-incarcerated Black Lotus. She claims that he has betrayed El Dragon Azteca and that all of Mexico will be gunning for him. Chavo responds cockily, as, after what he did to Blue Demon Jr, he knows no one would dare attack him.

Surely El Dragon Azteca is going to make an appearance before the end of the season and the prospect has fans waiting on tenterhooks.

Drago sneaks up on Dario Cueto wanting to be added to the competition for the shot at Prince Puma. He would’ve been eligible if he wasn’t banished from the Temple. Dario offers Drago a loophole to get into the match; if he loses tonight he will have to unmask! Drago, madly, agrees to this.

Disciples of Death Vs Bengala, Mascarita Sagrada & Pimpinella Escarlata
disciples of death

Trios action sees the DOD that accompanied Mil Muertues to the ring in action. Catrina leads the Disciples to the ring as the lights to the Temple fade. She is holding a red talisman that presumably controls the DOD.

The Tecnicos (babyfaces) are firmly over as they make their way to the ring, Pimpinella stops to grab a bald fan and smack him with a big wet kiss, much to the delight of the fans.

Its been four months since Pimpinella and Mascarita were seen here, after a harsh beating from The Crew. Pimpinella and the only DOD to wear a shirt (I think this one is played by Argenis as he looks and moves just like him) start things up with her dishing out some hard slaps, throwing him into the ropes for a good hip toss.

The Disciple near runs into the butt bump of Pimpinella but wisely scopes the big ass attack. As Bengala gets the tag the new luchador to LU is totally over with the crowd. Draped in a white tiger mask and a Jushin Liger-esque shoulder pad, he looks amazing and his in ring talent is even better, a wonderful addition to the roster.

Bengala runs the ropes and lands a perfectly timed hand spring, and as the DOD gang up on him he uses his agility to worm out of an attack and hits a moonsault which gets some distance.

The Disciples of Death are a well oiled unit, aggressively tearing apart the mini luchador Mascarita Sagrada, throwing him around the ring like a rag doll, as one member of the DOD takes out the Exotico Pimpinella the other slams Mascarita onto the apron.

Bengala gets another tag into the match but doesn’t fare much better in his return, while a hot tag to Mascarita just gives the DOD more time to destroy the mini.

Some excellent trios action in this match with the Disciples hoisting Pimpinella with their Streets of Galileea three-man facebuster for the win.

Immediately following the match, Johnny Mundo confronts Dario Cueto asking why he isn’t part of the four man contenders bout and, in another enticing prospect, Dario says that he sees Mundo as the future of Lucha Underground. As a result, next week’s episode will be a 60 minute iron man match – Johnny Mundo Vs Prince Puma next week for the title!

#1 Contenders match for Ultima Lucha Title Shot: Drago Vs Cage Vs King Cuerno Vs Hernandez

Four exciting luchadors enter this match for a coveted title shot at the first ever Ultima Lucha event. The returning Drago looks focused, sporting new ring attire with a cool wing/cape combo.

There’s a great deal on the line for Drago tonight as he will not only remain banished but be unmasked if he can’t pull out a victory.

Cage heads straight for Hernandez in this chaotic match, and Cuerno and Drago lock up as the two larger men battle outside the ring.

Drago and King Cuerno offer the acrobatics in the early stages with some excellent chain combos as Cage does what he does best: kicks ass.

Drago springboards from Cage to land a hurricanrana on Cuerno, leaving Cage as the only man left standing. He and Cuerno then perform a great-looking Superslam. The action comes thick and fast, with all four men offering fluid transitions and gaining a brilliant flow between each other.

Cage catches Drago from the top rope as he squares off with King Cuerno, the monster athlete tosses Drago overhead with ease refusing to leave eye contact with Cuerno (Cage is really coming into his own in LU).

Drago flies over the top rope to connect Cage with another hurricanrana from the ring to the outside, very impressive.

The only two luchadores left in the ring are King Cuerno and Cage; when they finally face off the exchange and duck punches before Drago rushes into the fray, Cage hits a moonsault onto Hernandez which is quite a feat.

Drago is not one to be outdone and a corkscrew onto King Cuerno brings out the high spots, in this lucha game of one-upmanship Hernandez takes a dive leaving Cage in the ring; the Temple chants for Cage as he climbs to the top rope, taking out Drago and Hernadez with a moonsault to the outside.

Cage is stealing this show.

King Cuerno and Drago are left standing after all the carnage and Drago blocks a strike with a kick and, spotting an opening, sprays yellow mist into the eyes of King Cuerno before following it up with a beautifully acrobatic display into an intricate roll-up, thereby keeping his mask and more importantly gaining a title shot at Ultima Lucha!

Prince Puma enters the ring to a “Let’s go Puma!” chant, as the two face off. The show closes with Dario Cueto watching the action only to be interrupted by Catrina who claims that Dario has made a mistake by not putting Mil Muertes into the #1 contenders match. Catrina chokes Dario with the key he wears around his neck telling the boss that he is in Mil Muertes’ way and everything in his way dies.

As Dario struggles he makes yet another match, Drago will face Mil Muertes in two weeks with the winner of that match facing Puma at Ultima Lucha.

Catrina closes the show rather ominously by stating that even the monster that Dario has locked up is no match for the man of a thousand deaths.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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