Lucha Underground Recap: Episode 32

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June 25, 2015 by gorillapressonline

luchaLast week, Dario Cueto announced that Prince Puma would be defending the Lucha Underground championship against the winner of a fatal fourway he set up on the spot.

The returning, super-hot, Drago won the title shot to be held at the Ultima Lucha PPV (basically the LU Wrestlemania) but first Puma must defeat Johnny Mundo in an iron man match that will take up the whole of this week’s episode.

The luchador with the most pinfalls/submissions at the end will become the champion. Before that madness begins, however, there’s a recap featuring Alberto El Patron, Hernandez and all the regular players in this arc.

The hour-long format allows LU to develop and experiment with matches like this and the previous Aztec Warfare event. It is fast becoming a far more successful format both here and in NXT, directly opposed to RAW‘s three-hour slog.

Prince Puma Vs Johnny Mundo: All Night Long Iron Man Matchprince puma johnny mundo
As the two men stare each other down, the Temple chants “Let’s go Mundo!” “Mundo sucks!” much like the warring battle cries for and against John Cena. The two circle each other deliberately before locking up. The lock up favours Mundo as he uses a judo take-down to keep Puma on the mat.

Johnny Mundo is the aggressor in the early stages, the slower pace suiting him well, and keeping Puma grounded is smart. Mundo ejects Puma from the ring and goes for a high risk dive to the outside, but Prince Puma wisely scopes this and baseball slides back into the ring and a huge corkscrew dive takes out Mundo.

Puma rolls up Mundo and steals the first pinfall of the match.

Prince Puma 1: Johnny Mundo 0

Johnny Mundo wastes no time in pinning down Puma again, focusing on the ground and pound to wear out the champ. Puma resiliently fights back, landing an impressive stand up tuck moonsault, leading to another close call.

Puma goes to the top for a cross-body but Mundo manages to evade the attack with a stand up dropkick, nailing Puma in the chest and getting a close two count.

Puma runs the ropes, upping the pace a little, hitting an RKO style cutter and flooring Mundo yet again. Mundo dodges another crossbody attempt and goes for his signature end of the world manoeuvre, which Puma deftly halts by hanging onto his leg.

Johnny Mundo rolls up Puma near the ropes and uses them for leverage, nabbing a pinfall.

Prince Puma 1; Johnny Mundo 1

As both men take a breather, the clock slowly ticks down. With 28 minutes left in the match, Mundo keeps the pace as slow as he can, which not only conserves precious energy but effectively eliminates a lot of Puma’s offence.

Prince Puma hits a wonderful over the ropes hurricanrana, taking Mundo to the outside as an audible “Mundo sucks!” chant echoes around the arena. Mundo pulls a crate and a chair from under the ropes, but Puma quickly counter attacks by lifting Mundo in a fisherman’s carry and slamming him through the crate.

Mundo clocks Puma with a crowbar to the stomach, before smashing him in the head with said crowbar as Mundo throws Puma into the ring and gets another pinfall, taking the lead.

Prince Puma 1; Johnny Mundo 2.

Johnny Mundo wastes no time in picking up Puma, hitting the moonlight drive, and getting another pinfall.

Prince Puma 1; Johnny Mundo 3

Mundo is dominating this match and the longer the champion is behind the better for the challenger. He walks around the downed champion instead of trying for another cover and, as Puma scrapes to his feet, Mundo runs the ropes and hits a devastating dropkick as he once again targets the head of Puma.

As Prince Puma lays helpless on the mat, Mundo takes to the top, this time connecting with the end of the world and getting another pinfall in the process. It seems pretty clear at this point that Mundo is walking away with this one.

Prince Puma 1; Johnny Mundo 4

Johnny Mundo takes a quick break, grabbing a water while mocking the champion as he takes a breather – a wise strategy for Mundo, as it allows him to recover.

Puma pulls himself up in the corner and manages to roll under an attack and hit an awesome flip/DDT combo on the unsuspecting Mundo.

However, it doesn’t take long for Mundo to regain his dominance with a huge neckbreaker to the apron, leaving the crumpled Puma on the arena floor while Mundo collects a ladder.

Johnny Mundo Prince Puma Iron Man gif

The clock is showing 19 minutes left at this stage, which must feel like an age for both competitors, and time is surely running out for the LU champion. Puma seems to be leaving it this late to stage a comeback and, with the presence that Mundo is exuding, it’ll be a difficult task to overcome his deficit.

Prince Puma throws his all at Mundo over the next ten minutes but, despite all the high flying and high risk output, he can’t quite seem to topple Mundo. As the clock dwindles to ten minutes, Puma tries a massive dive onto a table to get the advantage but he desperately needs to start getting pinfalls.

Puma is finally managing to stir as Johnny Mundo is dormant.

He tries to get a pinfall, which is becoming a mammoth task as every second dwindles, but after the table carnage he manages to cut his time in half by finally getting a pinfall victory.

Prince Puma 2; Johnny Mundo 4

As Mundo is bleeding from his nose and the back of his head, the two exchange brutal chops to rival chants from the Temple fans. Puma lands an enziguiri and a sit-down powerbomb to edge that bit closer to the tie, narrowing the lead.

Prince Puma 3; Jonny Mundo 4

The momentum is shifting from the dominant Mundo to the underdog champion Puma but he still needs two falls to retain his title. Mundo wisely tries to take a knee and evade the relentless pursuit of Puma and win. Prince Puma misses with a huge splash that could’ve tied this contest up, but instead it leaves the champ writhing in pain as Mundo looks on from the outside.

Alberto El Patron gets involved, kicking Johnny Mundo down the stairs as he tries to leave the Temple and run the clock down – a little bit of retribution for Patron here, as Mundo had previously left him incapacitated.

Patron smashes Mundo through the advertising rail and through the side of the announce table, hitting a detrimental DDT with the clock resting on 4:30 and, as Alberto El Patron throws Mundo back into the ring, Puma quickly evens things out.

Prince Puma 4; Johnny Mundo 4

Alberto El Patron takes to the microphone to announce that, if Johnny Mundo manages to get the title, he should definitely be ready as he is gonna kick his ass at the first opportunity he gets.

After all the carnage has settled down a bit, the clock somehow still has two minutes left on it and, seizing his opportunity, Prince Puma tries for a roll up to take the lead. However, Mundo manages to escape and stages a little bit of a resurgence with a nice backslide pin.

Mundo pummels Puma as the clock hits 1:30 and, as the match looks to be heading toward a tie, Mundo heads to the top rope to end it, but the champion fights back with every ounce of his being.

Prince Puma heads to the top, too, and lands the 650 splash with a measly ten seconds left on the clock. He manages to get the final pinfall with mere moments to go.

Prince Puma 5; Johnny Mundo 4

An excellent 40-minute plus match had the fans captivated throughout and managed to simultaneously put on a great show and set up the revenge angle with Alberto El Patron without taking the spotlight away from either Superstar.

This was fast, kinetic booking from the outset and an excellent end to an excellent show.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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