NXT Recap: Episode 289

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July 30, 2015 by gorillapressonline


After the exciting climax to the contract signing between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor at the end of last week’s episode, we are once again thrown right into the action as NXT takes over Full Sail University for the hottest hour of wrestling that WWE presents on a weekly basis.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass Vs Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson
enzo amore big cass scott dawson dash wilderThe certified Gs open the show opposite Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson – two completely different teams that offer a nice counterbalance in the ring.

Enzo Amore kicks things off with Dawson, in a confrontation that highlights the brawling and size advantage of the latter.

However, it doesn’t take long for Amore to even the odds and tag in Big Cass. 

The focus is once again on the talented Enzo Amore, with the heel duo isolating him for much of the bout – and cleverly so.

The power struggle in the NXT tag team title race feels fresh and Dawson and Wilder alongside Chad Gable and Jason Jordan being added to the mix make this already eclectic division even more exciting.

The newly emerged duo of Wilder and Dawson make an impact early on by getting an important victory against Cass and Amore with their Shatter Machine finisher, although the crowd gives them heat it’s an impressive win that will thrust them into the tag title picture.

Newcomers Wilder and Dawson steal a victory over the certified Gs

Baron Corbin Vs Jesse Sorensen
Former TNA Wrestler Sorensen is the latest victim of the mega push of Baron Corbin, as he once again becomes fodder for the New York Nightmare in mere seconds.

22 Seconds to be precise.

Expect NXT to throw a few more recruits Corbin’s way before he legitimately tests against Samoa Joe or someone of his ilk.

It’s all well and good, but where is this really going?

Corbin wins LOL

Up next, we get some nice backstage footage from William Regal and Tyler Breeze, as Prince Pretty is once again trying to find out who he will face at NXT Takeover.

Regal tells him to be careful what he wishes for. He also calls him flower because he is British and fancy.

Ellias Sampson & Levis Valenzuela Jr Vs Chad Gable & Jason Jordan
enzo amore big cass scott dawson dash wilderMore tag team action here as the newly-formed Gable and Jordan use Sampson and Valenzuela as stepping stones in a squash match to showcase the talent of Gable, in particular.

Gable has a great in-ring awareness, playing to the crowd well, selling his cocky nature and delivering small nuances that add tenfold to his athletic ability.

Given the right momentum Gable and Jordan could be the top team in NXT in no time at all.

Look out for Gable/Jordan and their impressive double Belly to Belly suplex finisher, the Grand Amplitude.

Another newcomer victory here in a quick, but effective, squash match

Charlotte Flair Vs Dana Brooke
charlotte flair and dana brookeWith Charlotte making waves on the main roster and her move up there quite imminent, a win here didn’t seem too important and I fully expected her to put Bayley over next, allowing her to step into the limelight a little.

Dana Brooke is greener than the Grinch still but doesn’t look as out of place as she has in the past and, given her work ethic and the company’s faith in her, she could impress but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Emma is once again at Brooke’s side, as she tries to distract Flair to no avail. It’s a wise move for the Australian to be at the side of a fitness model, as she is a tremendous heel, ergo the heat is transferable.

However, once the dust settles on this match – which Flair wins with the Natural Selection, naturally – where does it leave this emerging heel duo?

Charlotte Flair outclasses most of the roster and her natural ability and charisma shines over her innovative wrestling style. Dana Brooke manages to use her strength to control the pace of the match in the early stages, which gives the inevitable comeback from Flair some gravitas.

Flair wins easily but Brooke doesn’t look too bad in comparison, either

Kevin Owens Vs Danny Birch
kevin owens danny birchUK Wrestler Danny Birch (AKA Martin Stone) makes a return to Full Sail against one of the hottest commodities in WWE at the moment, Kevin Owens.

A typical powerhouse performance from Owens sees him destroy the larger Birch with the Pop Up Powerbomb, adding some tension to his upcoming NXT title match against Balor.

Owens is clearly out to reclaim his NXT throne, and he doesn’t care who’s in his way.

In typical Kevin Owens style he follows up his relentless assault with an apron powerbomb to solidify his motives going into Brooklyn.

Owens destroys his opponent, as he moves one step closer to Takeover: Brooklyn

The Vaudevillians Vs Blake and Murphy
the vaudevillains blake and murphyThe gentleman duo get a much-deserved title shot to close this week’s show; Simon Gotch and Aiden English are a consistent highlight of the NXT tag division and, as always, they deliver in this exciting Main Event match.

Gotch pulls out some brilliant technical wrestling, with a flair for the UFC-style submissions – look out for his armbar take-down for a fluid transition – and this addition to his offence suits the strongman to a tee. It is also testament to the professionalism of the wrestlers at Full Sail.

Gotch and English have some great momentum in the early stages as the crowd chant “Oh My Gotch” – a nice touch and I hope that takes off, as it’s a cleverer chant than 99% of the bullshit we usually hear on a week-to-week basis.

After the strongmen set up the Whirling Dervish and look to finally reclaim the NXT tag team titles, the scheming Alexa Bliss grabs the foot of English, which allows her boys to get the roll up and retain the championship for another week.

Blake and Murphy retain thanks to some cheeky work from their cheerleader Bliss

After the match, The Vaudevillains clean house, leaving Bliss standing in the centre of the ring as the crowd once again is innovative with their chants, with “Chivalry!” echoing around the arena.

The gents open the ropes to allow Bliss to exit but get a slap for their gesture, in a nice little touch to keep the heat on the tag champs and close a tag team orientated show on a high note.

The build-up to NXT Takeover: Brooklyn is ticking over nicely and despite the internet rumours abolishing some of the intrigue in Breeze’s opponent, these segments are doing a great job of keeping him in the forefront while simultaneously not feeling the need to have him squash nobodies all the way there.

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