NXT Recap: Episode 291

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August 14, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTThe next few weeks at Full Sail will cement the groundwork for the Takeover: Brooklyn event on August 22nd and, with plenty of enticing matches already lined up for that event, the future of NXT looks promising even without big players like Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

This week’s show kicks off with the confirmation that the NXT title match will be a ladder match as per Kevin Owens’ request. This adds an element of risk and freshness to the re-match from the Japan show (even though it’s probably going to be a contender for match of the year regardless).

Solomon Crowe Vs Tye Dillinger
Solomon Crowe Tye DillingerSolomon Crowe is an under-utilised commodity in NXT. The charismatic and well-rounded wrestler seems to be brushed under the ring, so to speak, in his tenure thus far.

Tye Dillinger finally has a gimmick, though. He is playing off a perfect ten, better than thou, persona and it is about time some work was put into this grounded athlete.

Crowe gets the early momentum with some decent chain wrestling. When Dillinger gets the upper hand he flashes his fingers in a ten motion, adding a little cockiness to his persona, playing to the crowd and agitating his opponent in the process.

Crowe is an excellent addition to the roster as his ring style gels with almost anyone he is put in the ring with, and this shines through in the quality of his matches.

A well-timed and stiff-looking knee ends the match as, once again, Crowe is relegated to jobber status. The NXT Universe at least seem to be getting behind the perfect ten gimmick, which is good news for Dillinger in the long run.

Baron Corbin Vs Jobber McJobJob
Baron Corbin Samoa JoeBaron Corbin squashes another jobber in a short time yawwwnnnn.

But, wait! Corbin takes to the mic, which is barely audible over the unanimous “BOOO” chant, as the Lone Wolf tries to solidify his heel persona when he is interrupted by Samoa Joe.

This is a wise move for NXT, to finally throw a challenge at Corbin, and this feud could be critical to the advancement of the now stale squash machine.

Samoa Joe oozes cool when he walks to the ring, his calm and collected stroll is the antithesis to Kevin Owens’ methodical approach. Corbin and Joe have a decent exchange on the mic as they talk trash to each other.

Joe handed it to Corbin and this is the first time anyone has manhandled The Lone Wolf in any real way and, as the two go at it, it is also the first time one has thought Corbin actually could be beaten as Joe applies the coquina clutch, leaving him writhing before finally getting choked out.

Great way to build heat with Corbin, not submitting and having Joe come across as the main threat, and this could build a really interesting dynamic if handled correctly.

Finn Balor Vs Marcus Louis
Finn BalorMarcus Louis embodies his maniacal persona with everything from the way he carries his body and his move-set to the mental screaming and horror villain aesthetics.

The champ ultimately goes over the madman in this short bout. Another post match event is more important than the match itself, with Kevin Owens rushing to the ring to attack Balor before their match at Takeover.

Not to take anything away from the match, as Balor and Louis worked a short and energetic bout ending with a Coup De Grace, but when Owens was thrown into the mix is where the light really shone upon these two superstars.

Balor had looked to have evaded Owens but ate a Pop up Powerbomb, which will help Owens come across as dangerous going into the title match. Kevin Owens could easily take the title from Balor and that is what makes this match enticing.

Elsewhere, a short interview with The Vaudevillians is disrupted by Alexa Bliss, but more interesting is a comment that the challengers have a plan to deal with Bliss.

Are The Vaudevillians getting a female to help keep Bliss under wraps while they deal with Blake and Murphy? Who could this be? A new addition to the roster or even someone like Blue Pants, this could add an exciting new element to the tag title race and the women’s division simultaneously.

This is followed up by a promo announcing the début of Uhaa Nation under his new ring name Apollo Crews. This suits his build and ring style and all eyes will surely be on Crews at Takeover on August 22nd.

Bayley Vs Becky Lynch
Bayley Becky Lynch

The ladies headline once again, as Bayley finally gets her long-awaited #1 contenders match to close this week’s NXT opposite current main roster botherer Becky Lynch. Out of the NXT women’s roster, it makes perfect sense to have Bayley finally win the big one and allow current champ Sasha Banks to make the full time transition to the main show, giving Bayley the opportunity carry the division at Full Sail for a while.

Becky Lynch has a wonderfully raw and roughneck style and she wastes no time in targeting Bayley and her injured arm. This is smart wrestling with a flair for old school selling and working over injuries, which is nice to see.

The crowd at Full Sail are firmly behind this match with a well-deserved “this is wrestling” chant echoing around the arena as two of the best NXT has to offer face off.

Lynch corners Bayley, hitting her with some stiff forearms and strikes, proving to be a dominant force in the early stages. This makes the babyface’s comeback even more effective as she fights through the beat-down, as the two exchange elbows and throw everything but the kitchen sink at each other.

A lovely Suplex reversal from Bayley highlights her ring awareness and fluidity in the ring, but Becky Lynch applies it again for a close two count.

Lynch counters, locking in the Disarmer on the injured arm and forcing Bayley to scramble for the ropes to break the hold. Bayley goes for the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex, which Lynch rolls into an armbar.

But, as she looks to be stealing a victory, Bayley manages to use leverage to force a pin cover and become the new #1 contender in an excellent close to the show and a magnificent technical display. Great stuff all round.

Bayley will finally get her title shot at the Takeover: Brooklyn, event which is fast becoming a stacked card – especially the night before Summerslam.

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