NXT Recap: Episode 292

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August 21, 2015 by gorillapressonline

NXTWith just a few days to go before an event that could easily overshadow the 4-hour Summerslam extravaganza, this go home show for Takeover whets the appetite for the enticing Finn Balor/Kevin Owens rematch, not to mention NJPW legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger facing Prince Pretty at the stacked, ten match card on Saturday night.

The show opens with NXT GM William Regal and the signing of the women’s title match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. As this a a WWE contract signing expect chaos to ensue after the lines are inked.

Things expectedly go south after a decent build up and the champion leaves the ring, but it is Bayley, the babyface, who instigates the attack, which is a refreshing twist on the usual formula that also shows her passion and drive going into this match.

Bayley is set to take the title from Banks as she has all but integrated into the main roster and getting Bayley to brush aside the friendliness and assert some dominance going into the match is a great way to go .

Tyler Breeze Vs Local Jobber (Rob Ryzin)
Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze faces some local talent in a primer match for his encounter with Jushin Liger at Takeover. Breeze comes to the ring carrying a Liger mask on his selfie stick as he struts down the ramp.

The NXT universe chant “Liger” at Prince Pretty as the bell tolls in this short and ultimately quite pointless encounter. Breeze taunts the crowd Ryzin tries to get a roll up but he easily kicks out and lands a Supermodel Kick to end his match.

As the match ends Breeze puts the aforementioned mask on his downed opponent and cuts a short promo to Liger, giving fans a preview of what is to come at Takeover before delivering a Beauty Shot to Ryzin.

Some actually interaction with Liger would’ve been nice to hype what is a historic guest appearance, and could be an awesome highlight to the event, but that being said Breeze does an adequate job here that just needed that little extra push.

Zack Ryder/Mojo Rawley/Enzo Amore/Colin Cassidy Vs 4 New Heels 
Enzo Amore

Quick 8 man tag action, which is dominated by the babyfaces, with some new talent and hopefuls thrown at the team in what can only be described as a chain of signature moves with Enzo and Cass getting the pinfall.

The four NXT Superstars gelled together quite well and, as always, Mojo and Ryder were hyped as hell.

Samoa Joe Vs Steve Cutler
samoa joe

NXT resident jobber Cutler faces the Samoan submission machine and doesn’t survive long, falling to the Coqnia Clutch within a couple minutes.

As Joe leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, he is attacked by Baron Corbin, his opponent at Takeover.

Corbin wisely gets the advantage in their short collision, landing the End of Days and leaving Samoa Joe laid out in the centre of the ring. This short spat has added layers of intrigue to their match this Saturday.

Blake and Murphy Vs Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton
blake and murphy

The current tag champions will face The Vaudevillains at Takeover for the belts but for now they’re up against Fulton and Dawkins, a young, upcoming team who, in the brief flashes we have seen of them, could be a team to watch (alongside Gable and Jordan).

The champions easily best their competition, of course, with the Suplex Frog Splash combo, which is fluidly delivered as always.

After the match, The Vaudevillains interrupt the champs with an announcement but before they can divulge anything of interest, Alexa Bliss  cuts them off and slaps them both! Twice!

It looks like Gotch and English will have someone to keep Bliss under reigns during their match at Takeover – maybe Blue Pants? Either way, it’s an interesting way to keep the heat on the heels, and retain an element of surprise for the championship match.

Kevin Owens and Finn Balor Face Off
Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has been under-utilised on RAW as of late. For a true taste of what this man can do on the microphone, and in the ring, watch him here week in week out – he is truly producing gold in his NXT tenure.

Owens takes to the ring, setting up a ladder in the centre, and then proceeds to cut down the NXT universe by calling them the “John Cena of fans” moulding the crowd like putty in his hands as they react to his promo.

As Owens piles on the intensity, in this excellent promo, he lays out his plan to climb the ladder and leave paramedics and trainers tending to the fallen Balor.

The lights fade and, as Owens waits tentatively for the Irishman to appear, he realises too late he is already in the ring and the two duke it out in a perfect closing segment that leaves Balor promising to kick Owens’s arse for a second time in Brooklyn.

The tension and excitement leading into this match has increased tenfold and theirs is a shoo-in for match of the year already.

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Catch NXT Takeover: Brooklyn on Saturday, August 22nd at 9PM ET / 6PM PT

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