Lucha Underground Recap: Series 2, Episode 7

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March 17, 2016 by gorillapressonline

lucha1Once again it’s time to step into the lucha temple for 45 minutes of pure, unadulterated, top-class wrestling from the El Rey Network. The second series of Lucha Underground is moving along nicely, with  sleeker VT, new luchadors and so much more.

As usual, a visually-striking recap kicks off the show, bringing new fans up to date with the story-lines. Sexy Star and The Mack then have a backstage segmentduring which he explains how he wants Sexy Star in his corner tonight, urging her to be true to herself and like the Star of old.

Seeing as Mack is up first, we won’t have to wait too long to see whether she agrees:

Marty “the Moth” Martinez Vs. The Mack
Marty Martinez is already in the ring as the show starts proper, lurking behind the ring announcer, fluttering in a creepy manner that wouldn’t feel out of place in The Silence Of The Lambs.

The Mack wastes no time in taking it to the Moth with some strikes – Sexy Star was kidnapped by the Moth earlier in the season, so she is reluctant to be ringside despite her newly formed allegiance with The Mack.

As usual the pace is frantic, with the much larger Mack displaying an impressive offence for a man of his size. Martinez plays up to the cameras, getting the crazy persona exactly right, introducing little nuances to his movement and ring work, in a believably unhinged fashion.

The Mack hits a wonderful T-Bone Suplex, but as he climbs to the top rope, the lights cut, and creepy music echoes throughout the arena, leaving Sexy Star visibly shaken.

A female luchador dressed as a moth descends from the Temple stage, allowing Marty the Moth to use the commotion to his advantage with a devastating foot-stomp.

The female Moth is introduced as Marty’s sister, as Sexy Star cowers in the corner. The female Moth then flaunts her extravagant ring gear, before attacking Sexy Star, who seemed utterly helpless in the situation.

The contemporary way that new characters are introduced on Lucha Undergound is a real validation of freshness in this federation and is rarely duplicated outside this promotion.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez gets the W

A nice Fenix VT follows, detailing a bit of the history of the character and his quest to become the Lucha Underground champion.

Much like the work of NXT, the limited time slot forces Lucha Underground to think outside the box when promoting new angles. Where they differ from the aforementioned promotion is in their house style, utilising pre recorded video to fill what would take some companies months of matches to build.

This is where Drago, Angelico and PJ Black come in; a brilliant nun-chuck fight in a rest-room sets up a great feud, with Drago having to overcome the odds with the help of a fluorescent luchador superhero that glows in the dark?! In a word: awesome.

Cage Vs Johnny Mundo
Cage is in the ring waiting for Mundo to appear when a new Luchador, Taya, interrupts the fight. She proclaims she is the perfect woman and she wants to face Cage in Mundo’s place.

Taya was trained by pro-wrestling icon Lance Storm and has been making waves in Mexico, meaning LU is the arguably perfect place for her.

Cage is relentless, welcoming Taya with some dead-lift reps as the crowd count out each one, before the massive Cage tosses her to the side with ease. Brian Cage is tremendous in this role as an unstoppable machine and he is fast becoming a star in Lucha Underground.

Taya gallantly fights back, using her speed to her advantage yet it is to no avail.

Cage picks her up like a rag-doll and crushes her against the guardrail – Cage doesn’t discriminate gender, he destroys all.

This is nothing more than a squash match, with the much smaller luchador taking everything Cage throws at her, going as far as being put through a table. This woman is tough, that much is certain.

Johnny Mundo has had enough of this merciless beat-down and rushes to the aid of Taya. Throwing numerous weapons into the ring, including a cinder block and some beer bottles, Mundo tries to overcome Cage.

The bottles are smashed on Cage with the Machine just taking the assault without so much as flinching. Leaving him covered in shards of glass and blood, defiantly stood in the centre of the ring, is a striking image and is evidence of how much faith the powers that be have in Cage.

Having enough of this charade, he wraps up the carnage, leaving Mundo on the retreat and Taya in a crumpled heap.

Cage decimates both of his opponents

Another of the hilarious Famous B infomercial segments airs  next, in yet another example of how well a wrestler is introduced here on Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground Championship Triple Threat: Prince Puma Vs. Pentagon Jr Vs. Mil Muertes (c)
Tonight’s Main Event is stacked; Pentagon Jr has been outstanding in this series and is really coming into his own, coupled with the former champion Prince Puma and the dominating champion Mil Muertes and this match delivers in bounds before it even begins.

All three luchadors are varied in style and personas, and they smoothly transition with each other to allow each of them a chance in the spotlight. Puma and Pentagon take it to the champ from the get-go, ferociously dissecting their opponent.

Mil Muertes is not one to give up and he uses his brute strength to manhandle his way out of trouble. The action quickly spills out on to the arena floor, with Prince Puma walking down a guardrail to hit a hurricanrana in an expert display of agility.

Pentagon Jr and Mil Muertes have a storied and violent history, all of which comes into play as the two show a complete disregard for each other’s safety in their exchanges as the bloodthirsty crowd eggs on the carnage, getting louder and louder.

The brief alliance of Puma and Pentagon unravels at the top of the Temple as Pentagon Jr throws Puma over the stand, leaving Mil Muertes to pick up the scraps.

Prince Puma then lands an incredible shooting star press over the arena stand taking out all competition.

The action has been non-stop for over ten minutes, with all three men beginning to look weary. Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma host a super-kick party, taking turns to try to dethrone the champion.

As Pentagon applies his arm-breaker submission to Prince Puma, Mil Muertes arises to launch a huge Spear, picking both luchadores up and hitting a double flat-liner in an impressive feat of strength before covering both his opponents, once again asserting his dominance over the Temple.

Katrina gives Puma and Pentagon Jr the kiss of death, with Fenix disturbing the macabre celebrations.

Katrina cleans house, ending the match as explosively as it began

Fenix announces that, on next week’s show, he will give his Gift of the Gods championship belt for a shot at Mil Muertes. This is an excellent way to end the show and hype up what could be a world-ending match next week.

As usual, Lucha Underground  is the place to be.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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