Lucha Underground Recap: Season 2, Episode 8

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March 23, 2016 by gorillapressonline


Once again it’s time to step into the Lucha Temple and bask in the madness contained therein.

After the savage climax to last week’s glorious Main Event, current Lucha Underground champion Mil Muertes is set to defend his title against the Gift Of The Gods champ Fenix.

Speaking of Fenix, he kicks off the show with a thrilling VT, explaining his past with Katrina, which ends in a passionate embrace between the two before she announces that Muertes will finally destroy The Phoenix tonight.

Trios Championship Match: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico Vs The Disciples of Death
Everything is on the line for the challengers tonight as, if they don’t reclaim the Trios Titles, they will be forced to exile the Temple forever.

Tag team unity is perfectly displayed by the challengers and the usual frantic pace we expect from LU is evident from the outset. Wisely, the Disciples single out Ivelisse, doing a good job keeping her away from her partners and cutting off the ring.

Son Of Havoc eventually gets the hot tag and unleashes a high-flying assault, shifting the momentum. Angelico ups the ante with his usual theatrical wrestling style and reckless abandon for his own safety.

Angelico hits the fall of the angels, throwing his opponent into the turn-buckle while simultaneously allowing Son of Havoc to capitalise and take the Trios Titles, letting them fight another day.

The Disciples Of Death eat the loss in a thrilling curtain-jerker

A cool training montage, featuring Prince Puma and Jonny Mundo, follows, filling in some Aztec Temple history and rekindling their old feud. The VT climaxes with Puma punching through a punching bag in slow motion which looks seriously cool.

More Rey Mysterio footage follows, teasing his arrival with an invitation to the Aztec Warfare match. To finally see Mysterio in action against the top luchadors in wrestling today is a super-exciting prospect, and a brilliant coup for the El Rey Network.

Bull-rope Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr Vs Texano
This match perfectly showcases the tension between the two competitors, as Chavo orders The Crew to get involved and they step down from the longest reigning AAA mega champion Texano, allowing him to exact some revenge against his rival.

Texano tugs the ropes, luring Chavo into some vicious chops, following it up with a stranglehold using the taut rope. Bull rope matches are a Mexican staple and this is a great introduction to the format for new fans; the two use the rope as a weapon and the style perfectly suits the ring general, Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero uses the ropes for leverage as he chokes the life from Texano – this spot is sold perfectly with the camera focusing on the struggling Texano, enhancing the action (take note, WWE).

Chavo Guerrero climbs the top rope, looking for the infamous Frog Splash, but Texano pulls him from the top and steals the win.

Texano pulls out all the stops to take the victory

After the pin-fall, the brutality continues, as Texano takes it to Guerrero, mercilessly whipping the fallen wrestler with the rope to conclude the bout.

Next, Mil Muertes exacts some revenge on his Disciples Of Death after their loss earlier as he crushes their skulls – with added lightening bolt effects straight out of a 90s horror flick – the new overlord of the Temple pulls no punches with his own brand of tough love.

Dario Cuerto is back in the following segment, proclaiming he is ready to take back what is rightfully his, the Lucha Temple! He opens a container, unleashing a man mountain, covered in blood, and a massive, mystery Luchador steps out, adding intrigue to this already captivating story-line.

Lucha Underground Championship match Fenix Vs Mil Muertes (c)
The history between these two is storied and violent; Mil Muertes is in no mood after the events earlier in the show and the Temple fully expects him to take out his rage on the challenger.

The high-flying Fenix quickly takes Muertes off his feet with a springboard drop-kick, but the methodical, violent Muertes soon overpowers him easily. Mil Muertes uses his considerable size to toss Fenix around like a rag-doll, but the challenger has plenty of fight left, hitting a devastatingly loud superkick.

Mil Muertes displays the ultimate disrespect next, by trying to remove Fenix’s mask – the sheer hatred these two have for each other seeps through every exchange. It’s palpable.

The champ manages to tear a section of his mask off and batters Fenix with a chair, blood flowing from the discouraged and broken luchador as Muertes drags him out into the crowd.

The action spills onto the upper section of the Temple in an insane spot which sees Fenix walk on the guardrail only to be thrust onto a pile of chairs, leaving him in a crumpled heap.

Fenix is not one to give up, however, and as he rises he quickly dives over the railing taking out Muertes with a huge cross body dive garnering a deserved “Holy shit!” chant from the assembled crowd.

Mil Muertes power-bombs Fenix onto the announce table in a sickening thud but, as the table withstands the collision, it’s not enough to take out Fenix and he throws everything he has into an assault.

Fenix returns the disrespect and tries to remove the mask of Muertes, revealing the face of death. This angers Mil Muetes no end, he mounts Fenix and delivers a vicious beat-down to the bloody challenger.

Both men stand toe to toe in the ring, as they take turns pummelling the shit out of each other. Fenix gets the better of the champ, using a chair to beat the life out of him as the hits echo around the arena.

Muertes manages to escape a close two count, keeping this fight alive. Fenix tries to German Suplex the champion – who is nearly twice his size, just to be clear – expending precious energy to overcome his rival.

Changing tactics, he takes to the top rope, but Mil Muertes fights back, lining up the flatliner to his groggy victim.

But, just as it looks like the champion has the better of Fenix, he rolls up out of the move to win the title in an unexpected, yet entirely welcome, twist of events.

Shocking everyone, particularly Muertes, Fenix steals the win

Just when it seems we’ve had all the excitement we can take, Katrina shows up to close this excellent episode by announcing that Fenix will be the #1 entrant in Aztec Warfare to defend his title against Mil Muertes who will be getting a great advantage at #20!

Throwing the gauntlet down for the new champion, and for us as fans.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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