Lucha Underground Ring Report: Aztec Warfare 2

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March 26, 2016 by gorillapressonline

Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare 2

This week’s episode of the always-thrilling Lucha Underground is the much-anticipated Aztec Warfare match, the second of its kind following last year’s must-watch event. Much like the classic Royal Rumble format, every 90 seconds a luchador will enter the ring for a shot at the world title.

The Temple is riotous from the outset, a deafening “Aztec Warfare!” chant opens the show, as Vampiro and Matt Striker sell the format. This is the first time that the LU championship is on the line and we are immediately informed that Pentagon Jr hasn’t received a coveted entry.

Faced with incredible adversity Fenix will have to enter the Warfare at #1 and beat 19 other luchadors to retain his title.

The second entrant, and his first opponent, is…Rey Mysterio!

The crowd goes absolutely wild as the undisputed king of Lucha Libre is announced as the #2 entrant. It has long been teased in promos, but this is a brilliant way for Mysterio to enter the fray at Lucha Underground.

As the bell rings, the two circle each other with the crowd held in anticipation. Rey Mysterio immediately proves he’s still got it with a Tilt-O-Whirl display and some wonderful acrobatic action right off the bat.

The action barely has time to settle when the third entrant is revealed to be King Cuerno. The Hunter is ready for a fight and wastes no time in targeting Fenix. Rey Mysterio tries to get involved but it’s to no avail, which allows King Cuerno to set up the Arrow From The Depths Of Hell on Fenix.

Argenis enters fourth, trying to add a feather to his cap by attempting to pin Mysterio. He gets a 619 and a Frog Splash for his trouble, and is the first elimination of the night.

Johnny Mundo enters next, standing off against Mysterio as Fenix joins in and the action turns frantic – it’s hard to believe the match has been active for less than 15 minutes.

Entrant #6 is Joey Ryan, who uses a sneaky, yet smart tactic of handcuffing himself to the railings outside the Temple, as the action rolls on in the ring. In a nice touch, Famous B is ringside handing out business cards. This is an excellent way to keep the infomerical king in our minds.

Prince Puma joins the fray, diving over the top rope and taking out four other luchadors before walking over to Ryan and slapping him in the face.

As Jack Evans enters the ring, King Cuerno is forced to submit via an armbar from Rey Mysterio, making him the second elimination of the night.

Jack Evans misses a cross body and gets a vicious beat-down for his efforts.

As Taya heads to the ring, the three Rudos face up to the three Technicos in a classic lucha stand off. the time flies by as the next luchador is ready to enter.

The presence of the man machine Cage forces Johnny Mundo to flee. Cage decimates everyone in the ring, which is really just another day at the office for him.

Mundo throws Cage through a sheet of a glass, in an epic moment, leading the crowd to chant “Holy shit!”. It’s a simple but effective spot.

The eleventh entrant is revealed as Mascarita Sagrada. The mini luchador stirs up a storm with a wonderful Tilt-O-Whirl hurricanrana. Cage emerges from the wreckage covered in blood and devastates Johnny Mundo with a lariat.

Mundo is rolled into the ring and subsequently eliminated by Fenix.

Things get a little creepy as The Moth enters the Temple and unsurprisingly he heads straight for Sagrada, picking on the little guy.

The Aztec Temple is becoming crowded as we get well past the halfway, point the action coming thick and fast, and the chaotic match filled with blink and you’ll miss it flourishes as Drago enters the fray.

Crowded ring at Lucha Underground Aztec Warfare 2

Rey Mysterio flies high to eliminate Marty Martinez as The Mack comes to the ring at #14. The new entrant and The Machine are the only two in the ring and, in a clash of the heavyweights, they go at each other as Cage succumbs to a stunner, leaving him sprawled out in the ring.

Chavo Guerrero enters next, wisely taking him time getting involved in the action as Drago powerbombs Evans on the steps. Guerrero then swiftly gets rid of Mascarada Sagrada with a quick submission.

As Rey Mysterio lines up the 619 on Cage, Taya holds the rope down, toppling Mysterio to the floor. Johnny Mundo runs to the ring and breaks a cinder-block over Cage’s head, leaving the concrete dust billowing and Cage a crumpled mass of muscle on the ring apron.

“The Direwolf” PJ Black enters. The pace has been frantic for well over 30 minutes at this point, with spots flying quite literally all around the Temple. It is hard to focus attention to any one spot before something more spectacular happens moments later.

Aerostar is the seventeenth entrant to Aztec Warfare 2 as PJ Black hooks Drago into a variation spider submission, which he then mutates into a Suplex. Both Drago and Jack Evans are next on the chopping block.

Azteca Jr, The Dragon, makes his way to the ring showcasing his speed as the action unravels like a video game with frantic waves of mayhem enveloping the screen.

The penultimate entry, Texano, then faces a crowded ring as he slides in, scattering the luchadors to the outside where he quickly follows with a huge Tope. He then pins PJ Black, thinning out the herd.

The final entrant of the night is the incomparable Mil Muertes. As he makes his way down the steps, however, Pentagon Jr assaults him from behind with a chair, laying waste to the former champion as the Temple erupts in a “Cero Miedo!” chant. Pentagon throws Muertes into the ring and, in a shock surprise, he is quickly covered by Mysterio.

Meanwhile, Joey Ryan is still handcuffed to the railing.

The time on the clock dwindles slowly away as, to everyone’s surprise and delight, Dario Cuerto makes his shock return! He announces that there is actually one final entrant to Aztec Warfare 2: his brother, The Monster Matanza Cuerto!!

The hulking, masked luchador looks very intimating in a boiler suit and creepy black mask. Every single participant rushes for him and he systematically destroys them all one at a time, starting with the champion Fenix.

Each eviction is somehow more brutal than the last. Texano tries to choke Matanza with the ropes, but it does very little and he too is swept under the mat.

The Monster spies the helpless Joey Ryan and bends and breaks the steel railing with his bare hands. He then displays some more of those glorious Suplexes to get rid of Ryan for good.

Dragon Azteca Jr tries valiantly to topple the beast but, again, it is to no avail. Chavo Guerrero tries to worm his way out of this but he, too, is next on the chopping block.

Three remain; Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and the man-beast Matanza.

Puma is the first to fall victim, leaving the two newcomers to decide who will be the next Lucha Underground champion.

An age-old battle of speed vs power follows, with the agile Rey Mysterio rushing head-first into an massive clothesline.

Mysterio sets up another 619, with the monster catching it effortlessly. He manages to slither out of his grasp and hit it.

But, as the luchador looks like overcoming the greatest, insurmountable odds, all dreams are shattered as The Monster Matanza Cuerto destroys Mysterio, thereby becoming the new Lucha Underground champion in an epic, life-changing and truly excellent 45-minute, all-out Aztec war.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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