NXT Takeover: Dallas Ring Report

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April 3, 2016 by gorillapressonline


There is serious magnetism in the air at Dallas, as the promo video kicks off what is the most anticipated event of a stacked Wrestlemania weekend.

The début of NJPW Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura has fans waiting with baited breath. And the stars truly shine bright tonight, deep in the heart of Texas, in this weekend-stealing extravaganza.

American Alpha Vs The Revival
003_NXT_040102016ej_0442--e04fbce2f695101c814328451c738b20When Jason Jordan and Chad Gable’s music hits, it’s hard to even hear the commentators over the raucous applause, for what is undoubtedly one of the greatest tag teams in recent years. And, tonight, they not only get to kick off this stacked night in style, they get their first chance at gold in NXT.

This opener is a fast-paced, beautiful display of fluid chain wrestling, old school transitions and devastating tag team action. The match feels like an event, both teams throwing everything at each other, proving how much the titles actually mean to these incredible athletes.

American Alpha are white hot with the crowd at Dallas – every time they hit a spot or gain momentum the fans are firmly and audibly behind them. This is not to detract from the work rate of the champs, as they too showcase how important they are to this story and do well as defenders of the titles.

The Revival close off the ring from American Alpha and aren’t afraid to use underhanded tactics to keep the gold in their possession. Bending the rules isn’t beneath them, and it adds tons of gravitas to the story.

After a succession of near falls, along with some seriously impressive determination and athleticism, from Gable and Jordan they finally get the pin and become the new NXT tag team titles in an epic opener to NXT Takeover: Dallas.

American Alpha take the gold to become the new NXT tag champs

After the celebrations end the camera zooms in on none other than Kota Ibushi in the crowd! At NXT!?

He is, reportedly, to be involved in the cruiserweight series but oh boy is this an enticing arrival to developmental.

Austin Aries Vs Baron CorbinAustin Aries Baron Corbin

Aries wastes no time getting revenge from the assault a few weeks previous at Full Sail; he corners the Lone Wolf, chopping down at the bigger wrestler in a smart move. He then takes a huge risk with an axe handle smash from the top rope as he dominates Corbin.

Baron Corbin revels in destruction and when he gets the upper hand on Aries he pulls no punches as he manhandles the indy darling. To his credit, Aries brazenly fights back, infuriating the Lone Wolf.

Baron Corbin hits a Deep Six on the outside, slamming Aries to the floor and leaving him to get counted out. As he writhes into the ring, Aries once again taunts Corbin, who sets up the End Of Days.

Then, in a sheer moment of disbelief, Double A slides out and rolls up the Lone Wolf taking the pin and the win.

Austin Aries outsmarts Baron Corbin to win at his NXT début

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Sami Zayn

A dream début match between two of the very best in the world right now kicks off with a pre-recorded package that does well to build the hype for this fight, as well as filling in newcomers to NXT on the fight thus far. All eyes will be on the King of Strong Style as he steps into the ring tonight.

As the crowd chant “Naka-mura!” the lights dim, and the moment is finally here for the Japanese superstar to make his entrance and glorious it is indeed. Nakamura captivates the crowd as they chant “Holy shit!”. Goosebumps abound, in this long-awaited moment, for this particular, long time Shinsuke Nakamura fan.

The two men circle the ring and the applause is deafening before the match even starts. The flamboyancy of Nakamura lulls Zayn into an attack when he explodes with a brutal high kick.

Zayn and Nakamura have such a great chemistry in the ring and, as Nakamura buries vicious knees and kicks into Zayn’s stomach and chest, he valiantly withstands every punishment, refusing to falter.

This is a hard fought and passionate bout overall, both Zayn and Nakamura throwing everything into a highly physical fight. The match also does a great job in keeping the fans second guessing who will be victorious, with high spots, one-upmanship and some of the most entertaining wrestling in a long time – anywhere.

The crowd are captivated as the two men exchange devastating blows, one of which busts open Nakamura‘s nose. Both men refuse to quit as the strikes become stronger. Nakamura gets the advantage with more of the knees he is famous for, leaving Zayn crumpled in the ropes as a “King of strong style” chant fills the arena.

Sami Zayn manages to apply a Koji Clutch and, as it looks like there’s no escape for the king of strong style, he arches into the hold forcing a pin count. Then, in an amazing feat of strength, he performs a stand up ensigury as Zayn staggers into the centre of the ring.

Zayn evades a Boma Ye and lands the Blue Thunder Bomb, looking to steal the bout, but Nakamura reaches ever deeper to fight out, wearing down Zayn with vicious elbows.

Shinsuke Nakamura dashes toward Zayn, colliding with a Kinshasha Knee strike and taking his first victory in an epic encounter which will be talked about for years to come. Nakamura made a statement in NXT, and this is only the beginning.

Shinsuke Nakamura lived up to and exceeded all the hype, defeating Sami Zayn

Bayley Vs AsukaBayley Asuka

A hard task to follow certainly, but these two ladies live for this kind of challenge and this match has just as much excitement with the crowd, if not more.

Bayley enters the match with caution, as  both competitors feel each other out, the crowd watching on in awe. The two then circle each other cautiously as the crowd sing to Bayley.

It’s the calm before the storm, though, and Asuka is relentless as she launches hip attacks to the champion. From the moment the action unfolds it’s non-stop, loaded with unmissable spots.

The pace increases with both women trying to one up each other. Asuka evades a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex, with the champion bringing an impressive display to the table with a hurrricanrana bridged into a submission – the same submission which thwarted Sasha Banks at the last Takeover event.

Asuka doesn’t fall victim to the same fate, however, as she applies the Asuka Lock in return. And, in a moment that takes a while to sink in, Bayley is forced to submit, making Asuka the new NXT champion as the shocked arena looks on.

Asuka looks set to dominate, and it is hard to see a challenger to the Japanese superstar now she has the crown she was longing for at NXT

NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor VS Samoa Joe Finn Balor and the NXT title at NXT Takeover Dallas
On an night which has already exceeded expectations, The Demon makes an appearance as the alter-ego of Finn Balor makes a welcome return to Takeover, swinging a chainsaw about wildly as he makes his way down the ramp.

From the outset, this is an all-out war, Joe visibly angry. And, as the two exchange strikes and head butts, the crowd reacts accordingly and audibly.

Samoa Joe puts his body on the line as he dives to the outside, in a great display from the larger superstar. Powerbombs follow as Joe throws everything he has to overcome The Demon, while Balor fights tooth and nail to cling on to his coveted title.

The Irishman shifts the momentum as he lands possibly the most important sling blade of his NXT tenure. He has to use two Coup De Graces, the 1916 and still Samoa Joe keeps coming, the Samoan Submission machine seemingly inhumanly surviving the onslaught.

Samoa Joe applies the Coquina Clutch on the champion and it looks as though he is going to finally win the NXT championship but Finn Balor uses the ring to his advantage, flipping over the turnbuckle and retaining the title to end not only a brutal, bloody affair but a spectacular card from top to bottom.

The bar has been raised for the main roster at Wrestlemania 32 in a big way, and they will have to really pull something spectacular out of the bag to top this exceptional event.

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