Lucha Underground Recap: Season 2, Episode 10

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April 8, 2016 by gorillapressonline


After the insanity-fuelled Aztec Warfare 2, the whole landscape of the Temple has been torn apart by Dario Cuerto and his monster brother Matanza. Where this leaves Mil Muertes and much of the roster is uncertain as Matanza looks unstoppable.

The show kicks off, as usual, with a handy, pre-recorded VT getting newcomers up to speed. These are a great addition to the show and are extremely well produced and edited overall.

Also worth noting are the live bands, who are finally are back in the Temple, adding some some latin flavour to the proceedings.

Cuerto kicks things off by announcing that a new Trios tournament and new #1 contender will both be decided tonight. Pentagon Jr interrupts to a huge pop.

He manhandles Cuerto, wanting Matanza in the ring. He applies an arm-bar submission, thereby forcing a championship match out of El Hefe.

Tag Team Match: Taya and Johnny Mundo Vs Mister Cisco Vs Cortez Castro
The Crew, the more experienced tag team in this bout, will surely have the upper hand here as Mundo and Taya are a newly formed unit.

Taya keeps the pace of the match as furious as she can; her speed and agility are a deciding factor as she attempts quick pin-falls and high flying tactics.

When Johnny Mundo gets the tag, the domination continues, and, although Cisco stays in the fight, The Crew are finding it hard to shift the momentum in their favour.

During the match the machine, Cage, gets involved – he and Mundo are having such an intense feud this season and it’s really exciting to see where they will take it.

Cage just stands at ringside eye-balling Mundo as he scrambles from the ring, causing The Crew to take advantage and take the victory, pinning Taya.

The Crew, unsurprisingly, take the win over the newbies

A suitably creepy story-time promo with Marty “The Moth” Martinez airs next, the tone and lighting intensifying the story-line, demonstrating just one of the many secret tools that Lucha Underground have in their considerable arsenal.

This is followed by more advancement of the Cuerto/Muertes power struggle, with Catarina vowing to bring death to the Cuerto family.

Elimination Trios Championship Match: Disciples of Death Vs Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico
Innovative use of the elimination stipulation here, in a match that will greatly favour whoever gets the first pin-fall.

Angelico is coming into his own here in the Temple – the frantic pace and lucha-style chain wrestling is a spectacle in this match – and Lucha Underground is the perfect place for him to show off this diverse style, and he does so immediately by kicking off this bout.

The champions tag in and out of the bout smartly and work well as a unit – the larger Son of Havoc and Ivelisse in particular have good ring awareness.

Catrina gets involved and Ivelisse is eliminated, giving the challengers the upper hand.

Son of Havoc takes over and rolls into a hot tag to allow Angelico to take over, a succession of huge running knees keep the champions in the game and Angelico quickly evens things up with a pin-fall.

In an insane spot, Angelico runs the rope for a tope as Son of Havoc performs a backwards moonsault, in unison taking out the DoD.

Angelico gets evicted with a vicious back knee-breaker driving the high flyer into the mat and making him unable to kick out, as Disciples Of Death once again have the advantage.

Son of Havoc ups the ante with a double stomp, using the first DoD member as a stepping stone onto the other for another double stomp, in a really cool spot.

Havoc once again goes high risk with a dive through the ropes and a moonsault from the top rope to retain the Trios championships as they head into the new tournament.

The team of Ivelisse, Angelico and Son Of Havoc retain the Trios title

Up next, new LU recruit, the legendary Rey Mysterio Jr, wants Dragon Azteca, who, as you no doubt recall, was killed by Cuerto.

When Dario Cuerto mentions Dragon Azteca Jr, Mysterio corrects him, he is at the Temple to avenge his fallen mentor.

Sexy Star Vs Mariposa
Mariposa and Sexy Star have a lengthy and storied history; with the Moth kidnapping Sexy Star and using Mariposa as a psychological tool, Sexy Star is visibly shaken going into this bout, which is highly uncharacteristic of the luchador.

Mariposa dominates and makes quick work of Sexy Star in a convincing fashion, but this story surely isn’t over and there is much development to be had.

A short, but convincing bout for the two ladies with Mariposa dominating

Matanza Vs Pentagon Jr
Speaking of dominant forces, the monster Matanza defends the Lucha Underground championship next, against fan favourite Pentagon Jr in the Main Event of the show.

Pentagon Jr arrives to a deafening “Cero Miedo!” chant as the monster stands atop the Temple, his heavy frame noticeably breathing as he methodically makes his way down to the ring.

Pentagon Jr has zero fear as he faces the beast, while even the referee cautiously takes the title which is a nice touch. Pentagon uses his speed to evade the monster as they circle the ring.

A speedy drop kick is brushed off by Matanza, followed by a super-kick which doesn’t shake the monster one bit.

Matanza takes the fight to the outside, manhandling Pentagon, tossing him into a huge stack of chairs as the challenger writhes in pain among the carnage.

Pentagon Jr tells the ref that he is hurt but Matanza pays no heed and slams him into the mat and takes another victory in the Temple.

The Beast remains undefeated, in suitably rough fashion

Following the match, Vampiro enters the ring and sees to Pentagon Jr. Matanza kicks the announcer in the face and continues the destruction, as the temple watches on helplessly.

Never have the LU fans witnessed Pentagon Jr look so helpless, and one wonders what it will take to stop this monster in his tracks.

Dario Cuerto is making a serious impact on his return and looks to continue demolishing the roster to his own nefarious ends.

Lucha Underground is broadcast on Wednesdays on the El Rey Network

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