Stardom in Yokohama Dream Cinderella 2021 in Spring Results

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April 4, 2021 by gorillapressonline

Stardom are back in Yokohama on 4/4/2021 with this excellent card and one of the best promotional posters I’ve seen for a match card in along time! Also an intriguing stipulation has been added to the STARS Vs Odeo Tai 5 on 5 elimination match, the final wrestler to be eliminated must join the other faction.

Bea Priestley looks to take Utami Hayashita’s World of Stardom title, she has defeated all three of the women that Hayashita has defended against to cement her status as a legitimate threat for this title.

Hina Def. Lady C

Momo Watanabe Def. Mina Shirakawa

STARS Vs Odeo Tai Elimination Match:

STARS Mayu Iwatani, Saya Iida, Starlight Kid, Hanan & Gokigen Death

Odeo Tai: (Natsuko Tora, Ruaka, Konami, Saki Kashima & Rina)

Gokiegen Death from STARS was the final wrestler eliminated and has joined Odeo Tai, After the match Natsuko took to the mic to rename the new member Fukigen Death; Fukigen translates to Have displeasure or a bad mood.

Wonder of Stardom Championship bout:

Tam Nakano (c) Def. Natsupoi

World of Stardom Championship Bout:

Utami Hayashita Def. Bea Priestley

match of the night here over a 20 min war, Utami had to pull out two BT Bombs to put down the challenger. Bea gets a lot of hate but she was outstanding in this match and made Utami look like a million dollars. recommended bout.

After the match Bea addressed the crowd, thanked them for her time in Stardom and said that it was her last match.

Godess Of Stardom Tag Team Championship Bout:

Giulia & Syuri Def Maika & Himeka

New goddess of Stardom Tag champions to close the night as Syuri pins Maika in an all Donna Del Mondo match, will be interesting to see if this effects the faction and its dynamic in the future especially after the tension and miscommunication in the Trios Tournament in Osaka.

Another solid card from Stardom with plenty of exciting prospects moving ahead.

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