NWA Powerr #24 6/4/2021 Results

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April 7, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The National Wrestling alliance weekly TV show Powerr has a great old school ascetic complete with retro styled adverts for Nick Aldis‘ vintage style Hasbro figures and that 70s grindhouse crackle on the screen promos, the backdrop for the interview/commentary booth is reminiscent of old WWF programming which all adds to the charm of the NWA and its presentation.

A rather lean 45 minutes is the total runtime for this show with the main event match between Da Pope Elijah Burke and Fred Rosser being a highlight.

The show started as a showcase of some tag teams in order for the champions to scout a number on contender for the titles

Strictly Buisiness ( Chris Latimer & Chris Adnois) Def. The End (Parrow & Odinson) via a referee’s decision.

It was cool to see The End and their Mad Mad Fury road spray paint antics at the start of the match and they felt like the only truly established tag team of the night.

Thunder Rosa came out after the bout to cut a promo against Kamille after her interference in the match, the promo was mainly in Spanish but it’ll surely allow events to unfold in the next episode.

Mathew Mims & Slice Boogie Def. The War Kings ( Crimson & Jax Dane)

An Average match which used an injury storyline to put Dane out on the side-lines leaving Crimson to fend for himself in the bout.

NWA Television Title Match:

Pope (c) Def Fred Rosser

The highlight of the night here the short 6:05 time limit wasn’t a hindrance and actually kept the action moving at a steady clip, the pope narrowly escaping a 20 count out, this was an old school back and forth storyline with some stiff chops and a really well executed turnbuckle charge. It did well to put over Pope and protect Rosser.

Tyrus (former WWE Star Brodus Clay) and Austin Idol came out after the match to mock the champion with some applause sowing the seeds for a future encounter.

another solid show from the return of NWA Powerr and if this keeps in this wheelhouse in the future it will offer a lot for the older NWA Fans, feels true to the spirit of the territories and is well worth tuning in for

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