NXT Takeover Stand And Deliver Night One Results and Recap 7/4/2021

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April 8, 2021 by gorillapressonline

NXT have set the bar for the weekend incredibly high with a top to bottom stellar card; even the stacked second night has a hard act to follow and it comes highly recommended.

Pre Show Match.

Zoey Stark Def. Toni Storm

Toni Storm is revelling in the heel role on NXT, she just oozes charisma, Solid back and forth in the early stages with the athleticism of Zoey Stark squandered in a great beat-down.

Stark hits some excellent offence in a great exchange culminating in a perfectly executed Snap German Suplex and a running knee in an excellent spot. Zoey Stark gets the win after escaping Storm’s offence; a well deserved and hard fought victory for Stark in a great match to open the show and set the tone for the night.

Pete Dunne Def Kushida.

What better way to start a show than with a grudge match? there’s no love lost between these two and they wasted no time going at it. Both these technical wrestlers wants to up on the other and we are blessed with an excellent opener.

Dunne flaunting the rules with the ropes and his patented joint manipulation is always a pleasure to watch, The pacing of the match kept the excitement levels high, going from chain wrestling to vicious strikes in a matter of seconds.

Kushida hits an impressive Hoverboard Lock from the top rope, with Dunne masterfully selling an elbow injury.

Pete Dunne managed to fight through the pain and win utilising the Bitter end. fantastic opener.

#1 Contender Gauntlet Match

Bronson Reed wins the Elimination Gauntlet Match

Energetic start to this match with Ruff an Swerve not waiting to even enter the ring before battering each other on the outside. Swerve and ruff have excellent chemistry and by the time Bronson Reed enters the ring, we have already seen a number of high spots.

Reed is a wonderful counterpoint to the two lighter men and pulls out shades of Yokozuna with his Drop on Ruff in a nice homage.

Cameron Grimes wastes no time in trying to bribe his way to a victory, Swerve Scott accepts his offer, as the two run roughshod on Leon Ruff.

No eliminations yet as Dexter Lumis enters the fray. Which quickly changes as he slowly makes his way to the ring.

Swerve Scott Eliminates Leon Ruff

Lumis is slow and methodical in his actions as he cleans house with a brutal looking clothesline, there’s an great exchange with Reed and Lumis and after a double throat punch Dexter Lumis picks up Reed and slams him.

LA Knight enters with his advantage and all the remaining contenders are in the ring, As Dexter Lumis has a submission on Grimes, LA Knight rolls him up to eliminate him.

LA Knight Elimites Dexter Lumis.

Knight’s advantage is short lived as Bronson Reed Eliminates him next.

Dexter Lumis chokes out LA Knight on the outside setting up a feud?? there’s clearly animosity between the two.

Some great spots between the final three and the pace has stepped up here.

Swerve Scott breaks his alliance with Grimes and takes him out.

The Final two go at it with some great action, a 450 splash is narrowly avoided as Reed manages to turn his body a little getting a close fall, despite the efforts of Scott the big man proved too much and after he goes to the top lands a massive splash to garner a title shot against Gargano tomorrow night.

Another top class bout, with WALTER Vs Tommaso Ciampa to follow!

Walter Def Tommaso Ciampa

This match was exactly what everyone expected, a solid, stiff slugfest. Both men took some hard looking chops as they left it all in the ring. Tommaso Ciampa ate some massive boots which looked like they nearly knocked his head clean off. This match had so many layers to it and its testament to them both with this thrilling story they told, WALTER selling his hand injury was masterful, Ciampa trying to rally and capitalise made the close calls even more impactful.

Barbarous power-bombs on the surgically repaired neck of Ciampa led to his ultimate downfall which he made WALTER look like a million dollars and cement himself as one of NXT’s greatest.

What an absolute war this was its going to be very hard to top that match this weekend.

MSK Def Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado Del Fantasma.

The triple threat tag team bout was a perfect palate cleanser after the previous match, MSK brought some excellent spots and tag team offence in a high octane bout, the early action mainly concerned MSK and Legado Del Fantasma and these teams have an magnificent chemistry so hopefully we get to see more of them in the future on the yellow and Black brand.

James Drake and Zack Gibson wisely try to slow the pace to suit them and as they look like they are going to get the upper hand Nash Carter gets a double cutter taking them both out, continuing the newly arrived tag teams white hot push as they take the titles in a exemplary triple threat match.

4 out of 4 for great matches not a dud on the card thus far with the best yet to come.

Raquel Gonzalez def. Io Shirai.

Io Shirai has been dominant as NXT women’s champion and she always pulls out all stops at Takeover events and wasted no time in taking to her much larger challenger quickly gaining the upper hand.

As the match spilled out into the CWC the ref wisely allowed the action to continue, Io Shirai climbed the badass skull stage setting at the top of the ramp and hit a huge splash. Io is fearless.

Gonzalez managed a close kick out of her top rope Moonsault much to the dismay of the champion, after valiantly fighting back Raquel Gonzalez hit the one armed power bomb to capture the NXT Women’s title and end the lengthy reign of Io Shirai.

I would be surprised if we didn’t see Io on the post Mania RAW to challenge the winner of Asuka/Ripley.

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