Stardom Cinderella Tournament Round 1 results 10/4/2021

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April 10, 2021 by gorillapressonline

First round of the 2021 Took place early in the morning for us UK fans and there was two changes to the card, the Pre Show match was changed to a singles bout and Saki Kashima was unwell and was replaced with Rina.

The next round takes place on the 30th April at Korakuen Hall.

Some interesting first round bouts, Fukigen Death‘s first match with Odeo Tai resulted in a defeat and I expected Natsupoi to advance as well. this is available to watch on Stardom World.

Pre Show Match

Hina Def. Lady C.

Round 1 Matches:

Himeka Def. Hanhan

Maika Def. Konami

Unagi Sayaka Def. Natsuko Tora

Rina Def. AZM

Starlight Kid Def. Momo Watanabe

Mayu Iwatani Def. Fukigen Death

Giulia Def. Ruaka

Utami Hayashita Def. Mina Shirakawa

Saya Kamitani Def. Tam Nakano

Syuri Def. Natsupoi

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