Wrestlemania Night Two Results 11/4/2021

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April 12, 2021 by gorillapressonline

After an overall positive first night and that excellent historic main event we are back in Raymond James Stadium to finish off an excellent week of wrestling across the board, you can read all about the first night here- https://gorillapressonline.wordpress.com/2021/04/11/wrestlemania-37-night-one-results-10-4-2021/

Hogan and Titus come out dressed as pirates tonight to intro the show, filled with lame pirate puns in a thankfully short segment.

Randy Orton Def. The Fiend

Randy Orton and The Fiend get the opening honours on night 2 this has been a really entertaining feud- which has polarised fans- that utilised having no fans to its benefit so it’s interesting to see what capacity WWE runs with fans in attendance

Alexa Bliss is fantastic in this role, the way she uses her movement and mannerisms sells this 100 times better than it should be, There’s an Giant satanic jack in the box(!?) outside the ring from which The Fiend emerges wearing his old mask and gear in a sudden regeneration from his burnt state.

The ring is basked in red light as The Fiend wastes no time taking it to Orton applying a mandible claw on the outside, a second rope DDT gives Orton a very brief respite, followed by two more hanging DDT’s with the viper stalking the Fiend going for an RKO.

As The Fiend goes for sister Abigail flames shoot from the turnbuckles and black ooze pours from the face of Alexa Bliss this staggers The Fiend as he looks on in disbelief and Randy capitalises getting the victory with an RKO.

The lights go off in the whole arena and the jack in the box is gone and the ring is empty, this left more questions to how much power Bliss has and no definitive conclusion to the feud. Randy and Wyatt work really well together so this can only be a good thing.

Raw Women’s Tag Team Championship:

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Def. Natalya & Tamina.

Natalya and Baszler start the match with some solid technical wrestling; these two have a great chemistry and the hard hitting exchanges really sell the action to the crowd, Natalya manages to weather the storm and get the much needed tag to Tamina who shifts the momentum to challengers.

Nia Jax hits a massive double cross body and gets a close call, Jax trash talks her cousin and gets a slam as thanks; Natalya doesn’t see the blind tag and applies the Sharpshooter to Jax but Baszler is the legal member and applies the Kirifuda clutch to submit the challenger.

Natalya did well to lead this match and kept the flow moving nicely not letting it bog down. Surely RAW will have more fallout between Tamina and Nia going forward.

Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens Def. Sami Zayn.

This had the potential to be the match of the weekend, Kevin Owens is fired up and the crowd are white hot for it. Owens instantly hits a pop up power bomb, Sami Zayn hits a devastating Brainbuster on the apron in return.

Zayn is on top here getting a close two count after a Michinoku Driver, Kevin Owens goes for the Stunner which is reversed into a Blue Thunder Bomb followed by another brainbuster in a great sequence; Zayn is throwing it all out to take down KO.

Sami seeking approval from Logan Paul after each move is a lovely touch wanting that validation from his guest. After the two pummel each other Kevin Owens sets up the Stunner and tells this friend that ” He did This” before putting in out in an highly enjoyable match.

Logan Paul squares up to Owens with Sami intervening before getting pushed by his special guest, Paul raises Owens hand and eats a well deserved Stunner as thanks much to the approval of the crowd. If I never see Logan Paul on WWE TV again it’ll be too soon.

United States Championship

Sheamus Def. Riddle

Sheamus wastes no time in ambushing Riddle as the bell rings, the Celtic warrior has came to Tampa to steal the show and the early stages of this deliver, lots of back and forth action with both men pulling out stiff offence and high risk moves. Even after a rare top rope White Noise Misstep, Sheamus manages to recover and not let it disrupt the pacing of the match great reactionary thinking from the veteran and he lands a huge Brogue Kick counter in mid air as Riddle runs the ropes to win the United States Championship in another good match.

Nigerian Drum Fight

Apollo Crews Def. Big E

Big E surely has the momentum going into this one as he is already 6-0 against Apollo Crews in recent weeks, Crews admittedly has the advantage of the stipulation and the mystery surrounding it adding extra intrigue to the fight.

Drums and weapons are strewn around the ring and the two pick up kendo sticks to assault each other, Big E hits a humongous spear through the ropes thrusting Crews a decent distance in a cool spot.

Apollo throws down steel steps but luckily Big E manages to roll out, Big E follows it up with an Uranage from the apron onto the Steel steps. Apollo goes through the table and after a big ending it looks as though Big E would retain when Apollo’s Nigerian aide BABATUNDE (RAW Underground’s Dabba Kato) Manhandles E and allows Crews to steal the championship.

no drums are used at all.

Another Stellar match.

RAW Women’s Championship Match

Rhea Ripley Def. Asuka

Rhea Ripley is first out backed by New Year’s Day live performing Brutality, an aptly named song for what is going to follow. Asuka is the aggressor from the get go and doesn’t let Rhea intimidate her as she weathers a drop kick.

Ripley mounts Asuka slapping the back of her head in disrespect as she goads the fallen Champion, a succession of clotheslines by Ripley take her down but Asuka uses her experience to get a leg lock. Asuka hits a smooth release German Suplex and as Rhea is downed Asuka lands a hip attack.

There’s a brutal DDT From the apron from Asuka that looked cool.

This is a much slower paced affair than the Banks/Belair match, Asuka goes for a sliding knee and its caught by Ripley, some good submission chain wrestling here with an Ambar counter and a reverse Texas Cloverleaf.

Rhea Ripley gets the riptide and dethrones Asuka in her Wrestlemania debut. Hopefully Rhea gets a good run as champ as this could build her as the next big star on RAW.

Bayley interrupts Hogan & Titus and gets attacked by the Bella Twins, Heel Bayley is a lot of fun and its a crying shame she didn’t get a match on this card but glad she got a payday in an otherwise pointless segment.

Universal Championship Triple Threat Match.

This has had the best build-up since Edge won the Royal Rumble in January, in the go home Smackdown show all three wrestlers delivered wonderful promo work and its genuinely hard to call a winner going into this.

Edge gets a massive pop from the crowd, possibly the loudest of the weekend as the main event gets underway.

As Roman takes it to Daniel Bryan he throws him threw the ropes and Jey Uso Superkicks him which is all legal as this is no DQ and could play an important factor, in the sake of fairness Edge also gets Superkicked.

Edge dribbles Roman between the ring apron and the fan skirting in a gratifying spot. Daniel Bryan slides through the legs of his opponents dragging Roman onto the apron and landing a missile dropkick from the top to Edge.

Edge counters the Superman Punch from Reigns with an under-hook slide into DDT, but it doesn’t take long for Reigns to try again and succeed. exciting back and forth as both men try to hit spears and collide in mid air; Daniel Bryan tries to sweep up with a flying head-butt to the champion but its not enough.

Alternating Yes kicks have the crowd chanting in response to each strike, Bryan gets a near fall for his efforts.

Daniel Bryan gets the Yes Lock on Roman but Edge keeps the flames alive and disrupts the submission. Bryan quickly alternates to put Edge in Yes lock and Roman does the favour to break up that one.

Edge hits a spear to the champ after Daniel Bryan is tossed through the announce table like a ragdoll, as Edge applies the Crossface to Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan slides his body to stop the champion from tapping out and applies a Yes lock to Reigns at the same time! Edge and Bryan head butt each other trying to force one another to release the hold. this is fantastic.

Edge Spears both and as it looks like its all over Daniel Bryan pulls out Roman Reins much to the chagrin of Edge, he looks crazed as he gets more steel chairs, the lengths that all three are willing to go is selling the importance of this belt so well.

Edge smashes Bryan with a con-chair-to as Jey Uso returns to the fray! he eats chair shots, Roman quickly exploits this and sets up another Con-chair-to this time on Edge as he drags his lifeless body on top of the laid out Daniel Bryan and in his final act of dominance the Tribal Chief pins both men to retain in an outstanding main event.

Night two delivered on all fronts with not a bad match on the card, some interesting moments which hopefully get a follow up on RAW particularly the Alexa Bliss/ The Fiend new dynamic and Rhea Ripley’s first challenger.

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