TJPW Still Incomplete Results 17/4/2021

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April 17, 2021 by gorillapressonline

AEW Fan Favourite Maki Itoh challenges for the princess of Princess championship and we have all the results courtesy of Reddit user U/adthrawn.

Kobashi Marika/Shiori Sena Def. Miyamoto Moka/Endo Arisu

Miyamoto Moka taps out to Shiori Sena A fun match to start the show, all four continue to impress in their matches and continue to get stronger with each outing.

Watanabe Miu/Raku/Harajuku Pom Def. Manase Yuna/Kiryu Mahiro/Neko Haruna

Raku wins the match for her team. Miu and Yuna went back and forth testing eachother’s strength throughout the match, with Raku getting a good showing where she is usually blended more with the team

Yamashita Miyu Def. Noa Hikari

Hikari was in control most of the match, but Miyu countered with tactical kicks and a brutal submission move was able to wear Hikari down. A very good showing from Hikari who so far has had a good year and has a new edge coming out of her hardcore match at TJPW Inspiration

3 Way Tornado Tag Match:

BeeStars (Maiumi Mirai/Suzume) Defeat Nakajima Shoko/Hyper Misao and MagiRabi (Mizuki/Sakazaki Yuka)

This match was utter chaos to start as everyone went after eachother, but quickly turned into a frantically paced match which saw the junior BeeStars come out on top.

International Princess Championship Match:

Kamifuku Yuki (Champion) Def.Kakuta Nao

Kamiyu attacked Nao before the match start, but Nao was in control for the most part, feeding from her frustration through the feud. Kamiyu was able to win after cutting down Nao’s attacks.

Princess Tag Championship Match:

Neo Biishiki-Gun (Sakisama/Mei Saint-Michel) Def.Bakuretsu Sisters (Aino Yuki/Tenma Nodoka) (Champion)

The Bakuretsu Sisters put up a good fight, but Biishiki-Gun managed to pull out the victory with some slightly underhanded tactics.

After the match, the BeeStars came out to challenge Neo Biishiki-gun for the titles at 5.4 Korakuen Hall, Sakisama accepted on behalf of a literally frozen, shocked Mei Saint-Michel

Princess of Princess Championship Match:

Tastumi Rika (Champion) Def. Itoh Maki.

This and the 3 way Tag are tied for my match of the night. Maki came out guns blazing after they both traded holds. The match was great back and forth action, with a number of false finishes, however Rika was able to retain after a number of Dragon Sleepers and Diamond Hip Attacks. In what I think this is the best showing Maki has given to date.

Post match, Rika got on the mic and praised Maki’s spirit and fight. Maki and Rika fistbump before Maki gave her the middle finger and walked out. 

As Yamashita Miyu was helping carry Maki to the back, Rika called out Miyu and said that she had never beaten her while Miyu was champion, so she would let Miyu challenge HER for the title at 5.4 Korakuen.

lots of exciting threads woven for the Korakuen event on the 4th May.

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