NWA Power Surge Episode 1 Results and Recap

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April 22, 2021 by gorillapressonline

NWA released a new show to go alongside the flagship Powerr this is a 30 min magazine style format show- think WWF Superstars- featuring interviews, VT packages and in-Ring action and is a perfect introduction to the style of NWA TV.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis kicks off proceedings offering to accept all challengers for his NWA Heavyweight championship title no matter which promotion they wrestle for, this could lead to some interesting matches from various indy promotions like the old territory days.

Parrow delivers an excellent promo about having to go on an excursion to Japan and the disrespect he had faced while trying to earn his spot on Powerr. Parrow could be a massive star for the NWA he has it all, great on the mic and an excellent in ring style.

AEW footage of the excellent unsanctioned match between Thunder Rosa & Britt Baker, Rosa wants another shot at the NWA women’s championship.

The first in ring action features the NWA debut of Jerimiah Plunkett as he faces Mims; Plunkett actually trained Mims and these two had a solid wrestling bout, nothing too fancy just good hard hitting style which fits perfectly with the NWA ethos, Mims hits a great looking Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then hits his Hook Up for the win.

Mims Def. Jerimiah Plunkett.

Sal Rinauro wants to find a new tag partner, someone who is a former champion to face JR Kratos & Aron Stevens for the tag team titles.

A nice little highlight reel airs showing off the last episode of Powerr, these could be a good refresher for the main shows if anyone missed them or as an introduction to the roster for new viewers without them feeling too alienated.

Nick Aldis joins the announce team to discuss his next challengers for the ten pounds of gold, he says a lot of the talent are on the cusp of having a title but no one is a breakout which has allowed him more time to focus on his faction, Strictly Business.

Aldis gives a solid heel promo saying as long as Latimer and Kamille continue to be elite level performers they will have a spot in the faction regardless of tem being friends and he will kick them if needs be to push his team to the limit, Chris Adonis is on his radar but he feels like he’s not ” There” yet. Aldis is happy that power is back and takes the credit for his popularity.

This is a nice easy watch and a perfect introduction to the NWA, hopefully they keep this format and use it to promote some of the lesser known members of the roster, kinda like AEW does With Dark.

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