Impact Wrestling Results 22/4/2021

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April 23, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The go home show for Rebellion which takes place on Sunday 25th April headlined by the historic title Vs Title match as AEW champion Kenny Omega and Impact Champion Rich Swann face off to take it all. A really good recap video package hypes up this event to start the show.

This show did a great job in building up the PPV more so than Dynamite did on Wednesday to be fair; with every match getting some final attention and furthering stories, this is what Impact excels at.

Tag team action as Decay face The Good Brothers in the first in-ring bout, this was better than their match last week Decay get some good offence in. Crazzy Steve impresses with some high flying spots but Karl Anderson hits the Magic Killer to get another win against Decay. The Good Brothers thank FinJuice for awakening them pouring gasoline on an unbridled fire that brought back the flame of the team, as they want the Impact titles back.

Tenille Dashwood is focussed on the impact women’s champ and her shot at the belt on Sunday, Purrazzo goads her in the early stages trying to get into her head, This action is marred by commercial breaks which is a shame, Susan has control of the match in the early stages but Dashwood escapes a full nelson and handles the offence well, after she gets the win with the Neckbreaker- Spotlight kick combo she takes to the mic to give the crowd one final push on how she has held the impact women’s roster on her shoulders and she will be the champion come Sunday.

This match could be a highlight of the PPV as they have a great chemistry together and are top class performers. Bryan Myers delivers an excellent short promo regarding his friend Matt Cardona, claiming he’s been in his way far too long and he will change things at Rebellion.

Shera and Jake Something have an solid big guy bout next nothing too fancy just hard hitting action at a swift clip. Mahabali Shera is an intimidating presence in the ring and he wastes no time taking it to Something much to the delight of Rohit Raju at ringside. Jake Something manages to mount a comeback but a Sky High puts and end to the match in a brief bout.

Rich Swann steals the show with a spirited promo to hype the bout one last time and he is ready for a fight as he paces the ring as he calls out Kenny the duo appears on the TV saying that when Omega wins the best bout machine will be on Impact defending the title week in week out, he says his accolades allow him to have an ego and he wants to add another championship to be champion in three different companies.

The lights in the arena go down and we get a familiar theme playing, Moose is back at Impact! he is here to congratulate Swann for defeating him and give him some advice going into the Omega match. Moose warns Swann not to lose against Kenny Omega as if he does it’ll be him that he has to deal with and he’s bigger, faster and tougher than Omega.

Rich Swann vows not to lose to the AEW champion then to go on to pin Moose one more time. This was a great way to tease another feud from the fallout of Rebellion and would keep the momentum on Swann even if he suffers a loss to Omega.

Another Brief match follows with Jordynne Grace facing off against Kiera Hogan before she gets her tag team title shot, we still don’t know who Jazz has in line for her to team with which will add a nice dynamic to the match, Grace has complete control of the match until Tasha Steelz gets involved as it looked like the tag champs were going to get the better of Grace Rachael Ellering comes to the save with a black hole slam and it looks like Jordynne has a partner for Sunday!

Main Event time as the unhinged Eric Young takes on Eddie Edwards in a great fight which slowly built towards a chaotic ending giving the eight man tag that final touch; Edwards is a great Babyface and with addition of Storm, Sabin & Willie Mack there’s plenty to enjoy here. Eric Young gets the win here with underhanded tactics but the fallout of the match did more to hype the PPV than deter from the push of Eddie Edwards, These eight men are just going to have a good old fashioned brawl and if this was a teaser of events its going to be a barn burner.

  • The Good Brothers ( Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows) Def. Decay (Black Taurus, Crazzy Steve)
  • Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K) Def. Susan (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)
  • Mahabali Shera (w/Rohit Raju) Def. Jake Something
  • Jordynne Grace Def. Keira Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) Via DQ.
  • Eric Young (w/ Deaner, Rhino & Joe Doering) Def. Eddie Edwards (w/ Chris Sabin, James Storm & Willie Mack.

A really good go home show for Impact here as everything leads to this title vs Title match, the card looks stacked and offers a good variation of match styles on the way to the historic main event which could be one for the ages and bring lots of new eyes to Impact.

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