NJPW Strong New Japan Cup USA Final Results 23/4/2021

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April 24, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The New Japan USA tournament has been one of the highlights of April in the wrestling world, strong showings from Lio Rush in his match and Ren Narita in a first round defeat are well worth watching if you haven’t caught them yet, The finals were set last week and Brody King is set to take on “Filthy” Tom Lawler in tonight’s main event.

Before that we get to see Wheeler Yuta in action against NJPW star Rocky Romero and Team Filthy in tag team action against TJP & Clark Connors.

It was a great night for Team Filthy as they defeated in a great paced pout which went just over the ten minute mark, Wheeler Yuta also got a decent amount of showtime to showcase his skills against Romero, Rocky has been having some great matches around the indies which are worth watching.

Onto the main event, this is what everyone has been waiting for and from the outset its hard to call who will emerge victorious. King landed some brutal chops to Lawler and it looked like it may have been too much for him, Tom Lawler managed to weather the storm and continue fighting, Lawler used great ring control and awareness to force Brody King to chop the steel corner post and his MMA style to control the leg of King.

Lawler smashed King with a flying Lariat but it didn’t even knock the big guy from his feet, proving some great rig awareness king ran off the ropes and pulled out a Senton which hit its mark. The second Cannonball hit its target but it still wasn’t enough to take Filthy down, the two exchanged moves in a thrilling combo, Exploder suplex in particular looked impressive, Lawler got an Uranage slam and a PK to lock in a cattle mutilation but that only garner a near 2 count fall.

Brody King avoided another PK but Lawler was smart and managed to lock in a rear naked choke, the referee called the bout at the 20 minute mark and we have a NJPW USA Cup Champion!

Tom Lawler took to the mic after his celebration and issues an open challenge and it didn’t take long for someone to step up, in a surprising turn of events it was a Team Filthy member who answered the call.

The Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson squared up to Tom Lawler and it looks like we won’t have to wait long for his first defence.

  • Team Filthy ( Chris Dickinson & JR Kratos) Def. TJP & Clark Connors
  • Rocky Romero Def. Wheeler Yuta
  • New Japan Cup Final: Tom Lawler Def. Brody King.

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