WWE Raw Report and Results 3/5/2021

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May 4, 2021 by gorillapressonline

WWE Raw kicks off this week with a coin toss to decide who will face out of Braun and Drew, we have seen this match in some form for the past three weeks, Braun wins and will face Bobby Lashley again later in the episode.

AJ Styles and Omos kick things off proper in their first appearance since Wrestlemania and they will face The New Day for the WWE Raw tag team titles. Omos talks some smack to Kofi & Xavier and he’s actually really fun on the mic and Styles plays so well off them all.

AJ immediately tags in Omos and Woods tries to chop down the giant with kicks to no avail, The giant manhandles Woods and asks for Kingston next. Kofi circles him trying the same method that Woods failed with, the 7’4″ giant is unfazed. Considering how little ring time he has, Omos is impressive running the rope for a double clothesline, WWE would do well to keep pushing him as this unmovable object.

Things even up a little when Styles gets in the ring and Kofi runs the turnbuckle and dives at an odd angle in a cool spot. The New Day isolate Styles in some good tag team ring awareness and lay some stomps into AJ as Omos looks on furiously.

Kofi gets a close fall with a stiff looking jumping knee, Styles needs the tag and out of desperation he hits a Pele Kick and gets the tag. Omos ferociously throws both members of the New Day around the ring leaving them writhing around. AJ Styles stands on the shoulders of the giant and hits the Phenomenal forearm to get the win in a good opener.

Adam Pearce feels that Sonya Deville is overstepping her mark in the booking stakes in a short segment after she is seen talking to Charlotte Flair.

Another Vignette Plays and Eva Marie is coming back to RAW she is stood on top of a sports car saying its time for an EVA-Lution.

MVP is absolute gold; one of the highlights of RAW weekly he cuts another great promo backstage with Kayla Braxton, Bobby Lashley is well suited to be partnered to MVP and he makes him look a million dollars week-in week-out but the way that he interrupted MVP it looks like the split may be in the works.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker try to get some revenge on the New Day and throw tomatoes at them, it doesn’t plan out how they hoped as they hit the Viper Randy Orton instead, Riddle scoots in and greets him so looks like we have more RKBro this week.

Charlotte Flair is up next in singles action against Dana Brooke, Flair slaps around Brooke calling her “Still her Bitch” as she was her understudy previously. Flair controls most of the early stages planting Dana with a big boot to the side of the face for a near fall. Brooke hits a nice step up enziguri. Charlotte looks a little sluggish here and has a few missteps.

Flair chop blocks Brooke out the air and locks in the Figure Eight to get the submission in a sloppy match.

Mandy Rose ambushes Flair after the match as she rolls out the ring, Sonya Deville comes to the ring to allow Flair to make a proposal, she’s claiming that she has once again been left out of the title picture despite her victories over Asuka. Heel Charlotte is so entertaining, she would be getting booed out of buildings if there was a live crowd, she wants to be added to the Wrestlemania Backlash card and even pulls out a slogan ” Be Fair to Flair”.

As Deville agrees to the Queen’s demands the champion Rhea Ripley harks her dissent at this, as she gets into the ring to say how unfair it is the Empress of Tomorrow joins in the fun. She claims its crap and mocks Charlotte Flair and she proclaims that she can beat both Flair and Ripley.

All hell breaks loose and only Asuka is left standing in the ring at the conclusion. Flair smirks at ringside and Ripley looks angered at the whole situation.

Humberto Carrillo says he isn’t afraid of Sheamus and gets blindsided by the US Champ as he stands over him mocking that he wouldn’t be able to meet his open challenge this week.

John Morrison faces Damian Priest next but before the action The Miz has some things to say about respect and how he is the only superstar of his prestige to get this much disrespect from the roster and the fans. Morrison interjects loads of cringe worthy slogans and Johnny Drip Drip is irking the Miz subtlety tearing away the threads of their friendship ready for the inevitable feud. Priest and Morrison start things off with some nice reversal holds, Morrison tries to end things swiftly with Moonlight Drive but Priest is aware and clotheslines him over the top rope.

Morrison takes it to Priest as Miz hams it up at ringside trying to draw the attention to himself, Damian Priest powers through an assault from Morrison and a huge kick staggers Priest. Morrison pushes Priest into the ropes but he turns into it and hits a lariat.

The Miz jumps onto the apron as Morrison attempts a roll up and inadvertently costs him the victory, Priest gets the win utilising his Hit The Lights manoeuvre.

Mansoor is backstage with Adam Pearce and he has signed a RAW contract, Sheamus comes into the room and mocks Mansoor claiming there’s no better introduction to the WWE Universe than by getting decked by the Irish bruiser and the match is set for later.

Fun fact going into this match Mansoor is currently on a 49 match win streak!

After the break we dive straight into tag team action; Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin Vs. Lucha House Party. Gran Metalik is launched over the head of Benjamin like a ragdoll, Cedric gets the tag to continue the onslaught. Lince Dorado gets the tag and gets turned inside out with a clothesline for as thanks. Shelton Benjamin uses his size to advantage just out powering the smaller luchador.

Gran Metalik gets a walk rope elbow and pins Shelton, Since the Hurt Business fractured Benjamin & Alexander have been getting buried. Cedric grabs the microphone after the match and berates Shelton and says he should’ve turned his back on him as well.

Excellent promo here from Cedric Alexander as he breaks up the team, these two could have a hell of feud so interested to see how this evolves.

Shelton Benjamin says if Alexander keeps disrespecting him he will just be another star that fizzles out while he continues to survive, Spirited words from Benjamin.

Angel Garza faces off against Drew Gulak after the latter threw some shade at him and his luck with the ladies. Angel hits two dropkicks in quick succession and manhandles Gulak with a brutal hanging backbreaker. Drew throws Garza around the ring with some beautiful technical wrestling, holding in a headlock which prompts an unique escape from Garza; Angel Garza applies the Wing Clipper and makes short work of Gulak in a fast paced bout.

Riddle talks to the Viking Raiders asking about the NFL Draft and has a fun little skit before he catches up with Orton, this odd couple pairing is actually a lot of fun. Orton signals for Riddle to zip it and even takes the imaginary key from the Bro; I love when Orton interjects humour he’s so deadpan it just hits the mark.

Riddle showers praise on Orton as he poses on the ring post before his match, Elias and Orton kick off proceedings and the viper pummels his opponent before Ryker gets the tag and some offence. Riddle applies a Kimura to no avail but switches into the Bromission, Ryker backs into his corner to make his tag.

Elias beats up Riddle getting a close two count, Elias and Ryker working well as a team getting the quick tags and keeping Riddle from his corner. Riddle escapes the onslaught with a ripcord knee and gets Orton in the ring, Once again Orton and Riddle do the Hanging DDT/Floating Bro combo but not before Ryker eats a RKO. Solid match this pairing works well.

Mansoor gets his RAW debut next, the United States champion wastes no time in dishing out a welcoming beating, Masoor fights back after Sheamus knocks him off the ropes to the outside, he then gets lifted and thrown onto the guard railing but once again comes back. Mansoor floors Sheamus with a tornado DDT and then tries to go high risk but couldn’t outsmart the Celtic warrior. Humberto Carrillo gets some payback and attacks Sheamus.

Mansoor looked impressive in his main roster debut doing well to show his resiliency and heart.

Alexa’s Playground is back with more Lily backstory, it looks like Lily has finally selected a target from the women’s roster but she can’t reveal it yet. Alexa sings a creepy lullaby to the doll as the ominous segment closes. Alexa’s voice became strained at the end of the song almost with a hint of remorse and sadness before she broke out into laughter reverting back to “evil” Bliss.

The Raw Women’s tag titles are up for grabs yet, this has been a detriment to RAW of late peppered with stupid run-ins based around Nia Jax slipping. It’s a shame because Baszler and Nattie have been having some great flourishes in between the garbage. The sooner the split them up or start to take the women’s tag division seriously the better.

Lana gets a pin and Reginald distracts the referee and Shayna Baszler chokes out Lana in a thankfully short match.

Main event time as once again Bobby Lashley faces Strowman; Lashley lays flurries of elbows onto the monster among men and can’t get him off his feet, Strowman plunges him over the top rope with ease allowing Lashley to recoup outside the ring. Lashley struggles to get a headlock onto the giant Braun. As much as we have seen this a hundred and one times Lashley is trying to make Braun look like a legitimate threat, using things like not being able to apply holds to make something outta this rubbish.

As expected Drew McIntyre interferes to get into the head of Braun as Bobby Lashley tries to make an alliance with the Scottish superstar, which would give them the advantage going into the triple threat at Backlash. McIntyre joins the commentary team as the match continues, Lashley writhes at Braun’s head torqueing it trying to force a submission.

The All Mighty levels Braun with a running forearm but its not enough to put the challenger down. Braun runs for the Strowman express but Lashley diverts it into Drew and Lashley capitalises on the distraction getting the win.

Drew then rushes the champ and takes him out with a Claymore kick, he then delivers one to Strowman, The announcers call that once again next week it’ll be Drew McIntyre V. Bobby Lashley.

This is going on a little too long now and all parties involved could be doing other things. This was a marginally better episode this week Mansoor, RKBro and the fallout from Cedric & Shelton all were decent but its brought down by the boring Women’s tag and repetitive main event scene.

  • WWE Raw Tag Team Titles match: AJ Styles & Omos Def. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)
  • Charlotte Flair Def. Dana Brooke
  • Damian Priest Def. John Morrison
  • Lucha House Party Def. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin
  • RKBro (Randy Orton & Riddle) Def. Elias & Jaxson Ryker
  • Angel Garza Def. Drew Gulak
  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (w/ Reginald) Def. Lana & Naomi
  • Bobby Lashley Def. Braun Strowman

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