Impact Wrestling Results 6/5/2021 El Phantasmo debut


May 7, 2021 by gorillapressonline

Under Siege qualifiers are the focal point of this episode and the final three entries will be decided on this episode, El Phantasmo also makes his impact debut tonight.

Chris Sabin is the first to advance defeating Rhino despite VBD trying to thwart his victory, Rhino goes for the gore and Sabin manages to avoid it and get the dropkick for the win.

Brian Myers gets attacked by Black Taurus backstage whilst he is talking to Rosemary, she leaves a tarot card on the fallen Myers as they walk off.

Impact Heavyweight champion Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers are with Don Callis gloating about their assault last week on Impact and Omega is going to be in Gallows corner to make sure he doesn’t use.

The returning Talyor Wilde has another good little match albeit a short one; Tenille Dashwood gets involved and helps Wilde win the match, Wilde doesn’t see this and refuses to celebrate with Dashwood and Kaleb.

Next up is a backstage interview with Deonna Purrazzo in which Gia Miller asks if she is scared of Wilde much to the irk of the champion, Rosemary called her a coward and as she was leaving she bumped into Havok. Purrazzo said she would find Scott D’Amore and set up a #1 Contender match Havok Vs Susan.

The next Under Siege Qualifier match is a banger; Trey Miguel and Rohit Raju have one hell of a match here going just over 13:00, Miguel has the early stages until Rohit slides out the ring and hides behind Shera. As the match progresses there’s a lot of good chain wrestling and submissions, near the end of the match Rohit hits Divorce Court and a flatliner but takes a risk and misses with a high dive off the top rope.

As it looks like Rohit is going to get the win with a crossface Trey manages to scramble to the ropes and break the hold, Miguel then hits a back Suplex which is followed up with the hourglass submission for the win.

After the match Jake Something came down to the ring and attacked Rohit and Shera getting some revenge and possibly setting up another Under Siege match, Something makes quick work of the two.

Doc Gallows Vs Juice Robinson is next and this is a better affair from Gallows who has looked a little disinterested the past few weeks on Impact, This is a solid back and forth match with Gallows using his size to his advantage, Gallows heels it up biting and gouging at the eyes of Robinson, when Juice mounts a comeback it looks like he’s going to get the win cleaning up the ring taking out Omega and Anderson before applying a hold; Gallows fights out of it and its lights out when a big boot and Sit-out Powerbomb combination to end a good match.

The Elite ambush FinJuice after the match and Eddie Edwards rushes to his aid but its not enough to stop the fray, this was a nice way to advance interest in the six man tag at Under Siege.

The hyped debut of El Phantasmo is next as he faces VSK, the commentary team put over the NJPW star and although is a brief encounter he is impressive and will slot nicely with the X-Division before moving though all the potential bouts he has at Impact. ELP hits the Super-Kick at the 3 minute mark to cement a victory here.

More Knockouts action follows in another short but decent match as Keira Hogan takes on Rachael Ellering in singles action. Frantic pace in this one as Ellering smashes Hogan with a back elbow, before eating a Super-Kick and some vicious stomps from Hogan, after a good exchange with double forearms taking down both women, Keira had a good series of offence before Ellering changed the tide with a Bossman Slam to get the win, This could’ve easily went another five mins.

Its great to see Moose back in Impact and this final qualifier delivers, It is given plenty of time to naturally unfold and when Storm has the better of the early encounter he looks like a legitimate threat to Moose; Moose targets the knee of Storm sowing the seeds of the outcome of the match in a nice bit of foreshadowing, Storm gets a lot of offence in here and looks great in defeat. As Storm goes for the Razors Edge his targeted knee gives out, Moose tries to capitalise with a spear but Storm spots it and lands a Super-Kick but is unable to finish off Moose as his knee once again gives way.

As Storm pleads with the referee not to stop the match he turns to face Moose who hits a huge spear getting the win.

Moose was not content with just winning the match, he grabs a chair and locks the injured ankle and knee of James Storm into the frame. As he stomps his Ankle. Chris Sabin rushes out but is too late to make the save, Does this indicate a break up of the team soon? it’ll be interesting to see how this develops especially with Sabin advancing to the #1 Contenders match.

Another good episode of Impact with some short, but fun matches, plenty of build up to the Impact Plus event which is shaping up really nicely for May 15th.

  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Chris Sabin Def. Rhino
  • Talyor Wilde Def. Susan
  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Trey Miguel Def. Rohit Raju (w/ Shera)
  • Doc Gallows (w Kenny Omega & Karl Anderson) Def. Juice Robinson (w David Finlay)
  • ELP def. VSK
  • Rachael Ellering (w Jordynne Grace) Def. Keira Hogan (w Tasha Steelz)
  • Under Siege Qualifier Match: Moose Def. James Storm

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