Mark’s Matches of the week W/C 4/5/2021

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May 9, 2021 by gorillapressonline

In a week which we got the gore filled spectacle that was Blood & Guts it looked like nothing could top that, though that match has a rightful spot on this list it was overshadowed by an match of the year contender in Shingo Takagi & Will Ospreay from Wrestling Dontaku. A lot of great wrestling happened on the 4th May it was jam packed and dominates this list.

4/5/201 Wrestling Dontaku Day 2- IWGP Heavyweight Title Will Ospreay Vs. Shingo Takagi.

This was by far the best match in any promotion this week disregard the length of the match as this time flown b, the pacing was perfect and never once felt like a slug, this match was filled with nuances from their previous encounters but did the incredible job of not alienating new viewers who were just treated to one hell of match filled with twists and turns and the tease of a table spot which when finally happened delivered ten fold. These are two of the best current active wrestlers today track it down.

4/5/2021 NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Street Fight- Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon Vs. The Way ( Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae).

Later the same day NXT delivered two great matches; Leon Ruff and Isaiah Scott opened the show by beating each other senseless in their engaging feud but the better of the two matches seen the NXT champs put the titles on the line in a wild street fight, Shotzi Blackheart is a workhorse for NXT and the Ballsy champ threw it all on the line in a great fight between the four women, dives from the top rope onto tables, battles inside and outside the ring this match was a great addition to the storied NXT history.

TJPW 4/5/2021 Miyu Yamashita Vs. Rika Tatsumi.

Miyu Yamashita became the first ever 3 time Princess of Princess champion in this 15 min war which had some excellent submission and chain wrestling alongside some wild Attitude Adjustments and an excellent counter from Yamashita, When it looked like Rika was going to get the win with a Dragon Sleeper, Miyu managed to counter the Missile Hips with a brutal looking German Suplex and her vicious Skull kick.

4/5/2021 Stardom: STARS ( Mayu Iwatani & Starlight Kid) Def. Oedo-Tai ( Natsuko Tora & Ruaka)

Golden Week from Stardom gave us some excellent matches over the events, but this tag team was one of my favourites- outside of watching the Lady C opening bouts- Starlight Kid is one of my favourite women in stardom currently and this is a great little tag match and worth your time on Stardom World.

5/5/2021 AEW Blood & Guts

What more can be said about this other than it was a gore soaked spectacle; The aftermath pics of Sammy Guevara were not for the squeamish. The MJF stole the show, the image of him blood soaked atop the cage looking down on a broken Chris Jericho will be a staple of AEW for years, putting the dodgy camera shot at the end which exposed the faux steel crash mat Jericho tumbled through ( Which was the right thing to do 100% Wrestler safety is paramount) this delivered everybody had something to do and it didn’t feel as though it lost focus at any point, Ortiz and Santana were ruthless and the right team went over. AEW are great at bringing the gimmick matches out but they need to polish up the finishes to stop the detractions- IE barbed Wire explosion match and now this.

6/5/2021 Impact Wrestling- Under Siege Qualifier Match Trey Miguel Vs. Rohit Raju.

Impact has been putting out a great weekly and is bolstered by a few great young wrestlers; Trey Miguel made the right move re signing with Impact and this qualifier match with a lot of good back and forth action, both these men could easily have a decent title run in Impact and these have a great chemistry together. The right person went over and the Six man match for the #1 Contenders spot has a lot of potential going into Under Siege.

6/5/2021 El Phantasmo Debut.

Sticking with Impact the NJPW Star debuted against VSK in a very short but entertaining bout, VSK Looked impressive and got a surprising amount of offence in the short time, ELP could be a great addition to the roster now this Forbidden Door has been cleanly smashed off the hinges with surely more to come when travel allows, a lot more people should be watching Impact as its mostly a positive viewing experience.

7/5/2021 NJPW Strong Yuji Nagata & Ren Narita Vs Jon Moxley & Chris Dickinson.

A perfect appetizer to the Death Rider/Blue Justice bout on May 12th on AEW; They both wasted no time going at it pummelling each other as soon as the bell rung. Ren Narita is one of my favourite young lions- anyone who has read any of my NJPW Strong coverage will attest to this- and he will be a major player in NJPW in the years to come, His first round defeat to Dickinson in the NJPW US Cup meant he had a score to settle and the two had some good exchanges here.

Ultimately it was Moxley who came out on top here but Yuji Nagata managed to lock in the Nagata Lock II after the bout to give Mox a taste of Blue Justice, this upcoming singles bout is going to be incredible and considering Nagata’s advancing age it isn’t affecting his in ring output. Well worth a watch.

7/5/2021 Friday Night Smackdown Throwback- Cesaro Vs Seth Rollins.

The Swiss Superman finally got a singles championship match at Wrestlemania Backlash but to get that spot he had to go against Seth Rollins, this opened the Show and as always Cesaro brought it and stole the show, He and Rollins have had some great encounters and you can add this one to the list, Cesaro looked like he was having fun here and looked strong in the process.

They did well to further the story later in the night with him attacking the Uso’s and Reigns and much like the Reigns/Daniel Bryan match from last week this could be a highlight of the PPV, I can’t see him defeating Roman but it will surely lead to this continuing main event push for Cesaro.

What matches did I miss or anything you feel that should be included? Leave a message below.

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