Impact 13/5/2021 Results


May 14, 2021 by gorillapressonline

The go home show for Under Siege this Saturday on Impact Plus, once again Impact deliver a sound go home show building up the stakes and giving the matches one last push, Impact excel at this and more eyes should be on this product.

The show kicks off with fallout from last week and the Knockout championship #1 contenders match sees Havok beat Rosemary in a great opener. Lots of great counters in the early stages as these two have a storied history and read each others moves before squaring off. Rosemary got a close fall with a spear but it wasn’t enough to get the pin, Havok wins with a Tombstone Piledriver and will go onto Under Siege for a title shot. A nice little armbar reversal sowed the seeds for the match as the champ uses that as a finisher, speaking of the champ she comes out to ambush Havok but the challenger looks strong when she comes out on top.

The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega cut a promo about their three man tag at Under Siege and Omega takes the credit for the new found momentum and claims he is the only reason they are winning matches.

x-Division action follows with another #1 contenders match in six man action, the newly debuted El Phantasmo is making waves in Impact already and this is a frantic and more importantly fun match. there are plenty of fun spots to enjoy and loads of potential singles matches for ELP, I would love to see a lengthy Ace Austin feud in particular.

El Phantasmo goes over and gets the title shot at Under Siege and the Josh Alexander bout is going to be a potential show stealer.

Another Swingers paradise VT follows with some more gambling and comedy antics, these are actually quite fun segments and actually add to the storylines quite well.

Willie Mack faces Sam Beale next and is looking to make a statement before he gets W. Morrisey ay Under Siege, good back and forth action with Mack fighting through the fatigue and runs through Beale with a brutal sounding clothesline and Mack goes up top for the Frog Splash for the win.

No time for celebration as W. Morrisey attacks Mack sending message before their bout, he hits Mack with a big boot standing over the fallen Mack in a dominant assault.

Taylor Wilde features on All about me with Tenille Dashwood before the two team up at Under Siege and she proclaims she wants to be tag team champions, Wilde is not happy with the situation.

David Finlay and Karl Anderson face off next and Anderson wastes no time in taking it to Finlay, Omega and Gallows also get involved at the earliest opportunity. The heels work over Finlay as the referee is distracted in an old school spot, Karl Anderson has really stepped up his game the last few weeks and this is another good bout which adds some heat on the Good Brothers and Omega when they cost Finlay the win.

More developments in the Decay/Brian Myers feud, Myers hit a huge dropkick during the ad break and he controls the pacing from this point, I am a big fan of Myers in Impact he has really settled into his role and is having some great matches. After Myers gets the win Black Taurus enters the ring and takes out Myers, Rosemary leaves another tarot card on the fallen Myers; Death this week.

Main event time with plenty of stakes in the #1 Contender to Kenny Omega’s Impact title, Sabin, Miguel & Cardona are a decent fit as a team here with some good tag team offence but it was never in doubt that Moose and his team would get the win here, Impact are doing a good job building the main event scene and all six are worthy of being champions in Impact.

All six men get some offence in and this helps keep the viewers guessing who will come out on top at Under Siege, Sami gets the win with the package piledriver in a good main event. Moose is the likely winner for me especially with his contract expiring in July, giving him a title run or using the title lose in his go home angle will help Impact in the long run.

Another excellent Impact show this week with all the matches having a purpose in some extent, even the backstage interviews and VT furthered the stories and didn’t feel throwaway.

  • Knockouts #1 Contender Match: Havok def. Rosemary
  • x-Division #1 Contender Match: El Phantasmo Def. Ace Austin, Acey Romero, Petey Williams, TJP & Rohit Raju
  • Willie Mack Def. Same Beale
  • David Finlay (w/ Eddie Edwards & Juice Robinson) Def. Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows, Don Callis & Kenny Omega) – Via DQ.
  • Brian Myers Def. Crazzy Steve
  • Chris Bey, Moose & Sami Callihan Def. Chris Sabin, Matt Cardona & Trey Miguel

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